<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Cuisine]]> <![CDATA[Getting served]]> Think of the last meal you paid for. How was the service? Did a server fill your water glass before it emptied, or were you left stranded and parched? Did an employee smile graciously, or did he barely glance up as he took your order behind the counter?.]]> <![CDATA[Local Table Tours]]> Perhaps you just moved to Boulder for a job opportunity or to attend school at the University of Colorado or Naropa University. Or perhaps you%uFFFDre a Boulder native and know the town and its charm like the back of your hand. You%uFFFDll soon discover, if you haven%uFFFDt already, the bounty of great eateries in town.]]> <![CDATA[Five Points rides independent shops to resurgence]]> When Robbie Stout and Anna Davis crammed into an overflowing elevator on their way to a Jan. 18 awards ceremony, they could hardly believe their company. Among the nation’s most recognized chocolate brand owners, Stout and Davis and their company, Ritual Chocolate, were about to be announced a Good Food Awards winner.]]> <![CDATA[A taco heard 'round the world]]> In a rigorous assignment called Tacoshed, students at the California College of the Arts (CCA) in San Francisco traced the origins of a single taco sold at a street stand in the city's Mission District. The project revealed that the taco%uFFFDs components had traveled a total distance of 2.]]> <![CDATA[Mixology in a modern world]]> It wasn't until the 1950s, long after Prohibition, that bartenders discovered the appeal and popularity of sweet cocktails. In the following decades, a sugary rush of mixology produced the Mai Tai, Pina Colada, Screwdriver, Daiquiri and Margarita, writes Harold McGee in On Food and Cooking.]]> <![CDATA[Facelift]]> The place downtown Boulderīs changes are perhaps most evident to the average person is downtown restaurants.]]> <![CDATA[Not with a bang but with a shipping delay]]> In October, Huy Fong Foods, manufacturer of Asian hot sauce institution Sriracha, aka, “cock sauce,” was sued by its hometown of Irwindale, Calif., a move that threatened to limit America’s strategic hot sauce reserves and potentially send prices skyrocketing. In a word: Srirachagate.]]> <![CDATA[Food across the nation: How does Boulder compare?]]> The six cities below represent regions of the country that are disparate for many reasons, including food. San Francisco and Detroit are nearly identical in population size, though they lie on opposite sides of the income scale, with per capita incomes of $46,000 and $15,000, respectively.]]> <![CDATA[Food gurus predict hot trends for 2010]]> With the new year upon us, it’s time to try predicting the year’s hottest food trends. Everyone from the National Restaurant Association to food bloggers get into this game. Here’s a look at five of these trends.]]> <![CDATA[Defining local]]> According to the New Oxford American Dictionary (which actually selected the word “locavore” as its 2007 word of the year), local food is that which is sold and consumed within a 100-mile radius from where it was grown. But ask 10 people what they consider to be “local food,” and you’ll probably get 10 different answers.]]> <![CDATA[Browned greens]]> As a nurse, Americas Latino Eco-Festival volunteer Tanja Johnson worked all over the world. She says that everywhere she went, she saw that food was a core part of what made and drove the culture. She says she learned that “food is where we gather, food is community and food is collaboration.]]> <![CDATA[Lactose intolerant? Try a slice of cheese]]> Cheese is arguably one of the world’s most prized commodities. Spanning the globe in vast diversity, it has remained a gustatory staple for thousands of years. Yet somewhere along the way, cheese gained a bad reputation and became, for many Americans, nothing but a guilty pleasure. For some, it’s become an enemy altogether.]]> <![CDATA[Tailgate: Make the pregame parking lot feast memorable]]> Football season is upon us, and whether you%uFFFDre cheering for the home team, or are on the visitor%uFFFDs side, sustenance is essential. More than 35 million Americans think so, anyway. That%uFFFDs the number of football fans who fire up their grills in stadium parking lots from coast to coast %uFFFD according to the American Tailgaters Association %uFFFD and mix their gridiron enthusiasm with a hankering for friendly, casual cuisine.]]> <![CDATA[Park it right here]]> He pulled Grant aside on the trip and pitched him on starting a similar food park in Boulder. Grant, who had been working in app development for the last several years saw the potential and came on board, bringing his business partner, Justin Riley, on as well.]]> <![CDATA[At Twisted Pine, beer with blindfolds and vegetable cream ale]]> Man, I tell myself as I pull up the blindfold for about the 30th time, I’m glad I’m working right now so I can cheat so often.]]> <![CDATA[Colorado restaurant servers could see pay raised by about $2 an hour]]> Raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10 like Obama wants would also raise the pay rate for tipped employees — including restaurant industry servers — which is currently set at $2.13 an hour nationally, to $7.07.]]> <![CDATA[Smartphone apps allow for 3G eating]]> From banking to baking, there seems to be an app for every activity under the sun. Smartphone applications are available to more than half of cell phone holders in America, and 43 percent of cell phone users today have apps on their phone, according to a study from the Pew Internet Project.]]> <![CDATA[VIDEO: Boulder brewers represent at the Great American Beer Festival]]> David Accomazzo and Josh Minor were at the the first night of the Great American Beer Festival. Check out the video below:]]> <![CDATA[Lyons restaurants are feeding the recovery]]> You can once again get an order of crispy fried pickles at Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ, or an eggnog shake at Lyons Dairy Bar. You can enjoy a chai and a gluten-free scone at The Stone Cup and be blissfully unaware that business was ever disrupted by the flood. Despite this welcome return to business-as-usual, all of the local restaurants are still working to recover from weeks of lost revenue, and some face larger challenges still.]]> <![CDATA[Fabulous fernet]]> Depending on who you ask, Fernet is a miracle hangover cure, a delicious digestive aid or a secret handshake for those in an exclusive club.]]>