<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Cuisine]]> <![CDATA[Cheating Mother Nature]]> When Rob Rhinehart was living in San Francisco taking a start-up funding course in the summer of 2012, he noticed a startling economic segregation in the progressive city’s food culture. As he explored the hills and crannies of San Francisco he kept noticing that more affluent people in the Bay area were clearly healthier than poorer people, and he decided he wanted to do something about the high cost of staying healthy.]]> <![CDATA[Five Points rides independent shops to resurgence]]> When Robbie Stout and Anna Davis crammed into an overflowing elevator on their way to a Jan. 18 awards ceremony, they could hardly believe their company. Among the nation’s most recognized chocolate brand owners, Stout and Davis and their company, Ritual Chocolate, were about to be announced a Good Food Awards winner.]]> <![CDATA[Flat]]> And with good reason — without carbonation, something just tastes off in our sparkling wines, beers and ciders. It’s also hard not to connote flat drinks with memories of stench-filled and grungy college mornings. It’s true letting drinks go flat is not ideal but it need not be a death sentence.]]> <![CDATA[Italian nonnas' secret to cooking]]> 'The generation that I was dealing with had endured a lot of poverty ... and two world wars,' Theroux said. 'So much of what these women do is nurture and love, but there also is that depth of coming through hard times. I wasn't expecting to find that, but I think it added to the richness of the experience.]]> <![CDATA[Decode your food cues]]> What hidden meal messages are you expressing that your child is eating up? Here’s food for thought. Maybe some of these common refrains sound familiar.]]> <![CDATA[SLIDESHOW: Great American Beer Festival]]> Boulder Weekly's Josh Minor was at the Great American Beer Festival. Check out photos from the event, which drew more than 49,000 people from Thursday to Saturday. There were more than 460 breweries at the event, and more than 2,400 beers available to sample. ]]> <![CDATA[Lovejuice]]> Food and sex. That’ll do it for this week’s cuisine section boys, wrap it up! No, but it feels silly to talk about the two as if there needs to be analysis. Like a good meal or a good roll in the hay, vainly parsing the particulars only takes away from the alchemy that makes those things great. Food and sex are linked in our biology, our chemistry and our society. They are, in short, fundamental and wonderful.]]> <![CDATA[Quality versus quantity]]> When we talk about farm-to-table in our Boulder County grocery stores and restaurants, we can sometimes take it for granted. The trend is national now. We expect a certain quality, but we forget that those same establishments need quantity in order to stay in business. While local farms provide the quality, generally speaking, the larger farms provide the quantity necessary to fill menus and grocery aisles. It means chefs and farmers (and Boulder County consumers) need to be flexible, but it’s interesting to hear what people in the industry have to say about why when we look at small versus large farms. It is always a matter of quality versus quantity.]]> <![CDATA[The return of the giant squid]]> The Humboldt squid is the stuff of seafaring legend, something Captain Nemo would battle in a Jules Verne novel. But Dosidicus gigas is not a figment of someone’s imagination. These fascinatingly grotesque creatures can reach 7 feet in length and weigh in excess of 100 pounds, are known cannibals and can tear off a fisherman’s hand with its razor-sharp beak, dousing its prey with prodigious amounts of black ink.]]> <![CDATA[Making room for mobile food trucks]]> 'We've been asking the city to allow us to operate, and to let us make friends instead of enemies,' Rossello says. 'I can speak for myself, and a few other food truck owners, and say that I don't want to put my Mexicanfood truck in front of a Mexican restaurant.']]> <![CDATA[Beer cocktails: One of summerís hottest drinks]]> Versatile and affordable, beer cocktails are emerging at backyard barbecues and on local drink menus more and more. Consisting of primarily beer, a distilled beverage and often an additional spirit, beer cocktails are lighter versions of cocktails with just as many interesting and tasty options.]]> <![CDATA[Local company sells gin-soaked raisins for arthritis pain]]> Wright has started a company based in Lafayette called DrunkenRaisins, which sells gin-soaked raisins online. Wright himself started using the raisins about four years ago when conventional methods weren%uFFFDt working for the pain he was experiencing in his hands.]]> <![CDATA[Unemployed Georgia boys turn to BBQ]]> Delicious barbecue that holds true to its deep Southern roots — while also catering to the environmentally conscious masses — can be a difficult find in Boulder County, but Matt Alexander and Nick Reckinger are facing the challenge head-on.]]> <![CDATA[Cocktails with a kick]]> There’s little doubt spicy cocktails have found a place on many menus. So Boulder Weekly sought the thoughts of several bartenders, mixologists and general managers around Boulder to find out what appeals to drinkers about spicy cocktails and whether capsaicin, chili peppers’ spicy chemical, is too hot to handle.]]> <![CDATA[Watching (local) sausage being made]]> When you get the family and friends together this summer to char up brats or make a pot of homemade spaghetti sauce with Italian sausage, there’s a good chance some of those links will have come from a local maker with ties to the area stretching back half a century.]]> <![CDATA[VIDEO: Boulder brewers represent at the Great American Beer Festival]]> David Accomazzo and Josh Minor were at the the first night of the Great American Beer Festival. Check out the video below:]]> <![CDATA[A tradition, and a guild, unlike any other]]> In Italy, Alberto Sabbadini’s family and neighbors butchered a pig every winter. His father or a neighbor would shoot it in the head with a .22-caliber rifle, slit its throat just so and hang it from a tree, snoutdown, to drain the blood.]]> <![CDATA[The perfect holiday spice]]> Zingiber officinale initially came to us from the Far East — southern China and Malaysia. There, the root is used chiefly in savory dishes. It spread westward across Asia to Egypt and entered Europe through Greece. Both Egyptians and Greeks baked a type of gingerbread for ceremonial purposes.]]> <![CDATA[Rising CO2 levels to cut key nutrients in global crops]]> “Humanity is conducting a global experiment by rapidly altering the environmental conditions on the only habitable planet we know. As this experiment unfolds, there will undoubtedly be many surprises. Finding out that rising CO2 threatens human nutrition is one such surprise,” he says.]]> <![CDATA[America‚Äôs mayonnaise of record]]> Mayonnaise is the top-selling condiment in the nation, and is on a trajectory to overtake soy sauce on the world stage. The reasons behind this popularity are diverse and are the subject of much speculation — by me, anyway.]]>