<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Danish Plan]]> <![CDATA[Municipal power is cheap in Longmont, but not Boulder]]> Come November, Boulder voters will be asked whether they want to throw the city’s franchise with Xcel Energy under the bus and set up a municipal electric utility in its place. Voters will also be asked to double the city’s carbon tax (to 0.99 cent from 0.49 cent), mostly to pay the lawyers who will be handling the Boulder-Xcel divorce.]]> <![CDATA[Obama, Putin and pigeon chess]]> <![CDATA[Obama’s clueless view of ISIL]]> <![CDATA[Think globally, and fry locally]]> WHeh. According to a paper published in the latest issue of the journal Nature Climate Change, windmills can cause global warming.]]> <![CDATA[The toxic hell of fracking (children welcome)]]> The anti-fracking activists who demonstrated at an oil rig on Boulder County open space last Saturday obviously don’t think fracking is very dangerous. How else do you explain the fact that they brought their kids to the demonstration?]]> <![CDATA[Ban fracking? Why stop there?]]> <![CDATA[No water for fracking? No problem]]> One of the latest — and sillier — local whines against fracking is that it is a profligate consumer of water that takes 33,000 acre feet of the stuff permanently out of the state’s hydraulic cycle.]]> <![CDATA[Ban GMOs? First show us the victims]]> <![CDATA[Boulder targets medical marijuana — and heads should roll ]]> <![CDATA[America needs more secret meetings]]> <![CDATA[If you can count a crowd and keep your virtue %uFFFD]]> <![CDATA[The Galileo affair and settled science]]> <![CDATA[No blood for oil? Thank a fracking oilman.]]> <![CDATA[Revolution comes to the Midwest]]> Mass rallies were staged in Wisconsin, with similar protests spreading to Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota. Organizers used social media to turn out the demonstrators. That, however, is where the similarity to Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries ends.]]> <![CDATA[Nine ways to run a computer]]> <![CDATA[Pot at the tea party]]> <![CDATA[The president’s astonishing chutzpa]]> President Obama has been flitting around the country intimating that U.S. natural gas reserves have tripled in the last three years as a result of his administration’s policies. His chutzpa is astonishing.]]> <![CDATA[Obama goes nuclear -- will carbon caps follow?]]> <![CDATA[Nixon’s negative campaigns]]> Harvey and I were chowing down on an excellent plate of Alice B. Toklas fudge when there was a knock on the door. It was Richard Nixon.]]> <![CDATA[Redeveloping 11th and Pearl]]> Karlin Real Estate, the company that bought the building at 11th and Pearl that once housed the newspaper that was once known as the Boulder Daily Camera (before it dropped “Boulder” and “Daily” from its name), recently presented its plans for the redevelopment of the site to the Boulder Planning Board and the Landmarks Board — which were underwhelmed.]]>