<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Adventure]]> <![CDATA[When work is a labor of love]]> Matt Cudmore always wanted to own a ski shop. The idea struck Cudmore in his time as a ski instructor in Germany. Three years ago, the 32-year-old found himself drinking beers with his neighbor in his garage and threw the idea out there again.]]> <![CDATA[Prevent meltdowns on the slopes]]> "One of the biggest things I see is that parents want their kids to ski or snowboard and keep them out there too long," says Jamie Zolber, ski school director at Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area near Boise, Idaho..]]> <![CDATA[SLIDESHOW: Winter Dew Tour in Breckenridge]]> December 15-18 brought some of the best winter athletes to Breckenridge to compete in the Winter Dew Tour, a three-stop competition. Boulder Weekly's Dane Cronin was there and took some sweet picture]]> <![CDATA[Outdoor Tech Evolution]]> Film photography seems so quaint in this age of rapidly evolving technology, though the nostalgic charm is somewhat diminished as I flip through photo after photo. There we are, my friends and I, with eyes closed on the summits of mountains or with big fat thumbs obscuring an otherwise stunning sunset.]]> <![CDATA[Ready to start thinking about ski season?]]> Because it’s never too early to start dreaming about powder, Colorado Ski Country USA’s Gems Card for the 2012/13 season has gone on pre-order.]]> <![CDATA[Climbing in Colombia: High and dry]]> Climbers are always looking for lines that push possibilities and take their abilities to a next realm. They push the limits of their mental and physical endurance while toeing the fine line between mastery of the unknown and reckless risk.]]> <![CDATA[Aspen, Jackson Hole, Alta, Squaw Valley announce combined ski pass]]> Colorado's Aspen/Snowmass ski resort has teamed with resorts across the West to offer a pass to skiers and snowboarders for the 2012-2013 ski season.]]> <![CDATA[Collapsible dog bowl is great for going hiking with Fido]]> <![CDATA[Are you mentally tough ?]]> In his book The Art of Learning, Joshua Waitzkin describes how he is able to compete, and win, against martial arts competitors much physically stronger than himself by putting his mind into the game.]]> <![CDATA[Russians Abandon K2 Winter Attempt After Team Member Dies]]> The talent-packed team of Russians attempting a bold winter ascent of K2suffered the death of Vitaly Gorelik today in base camp, apparently from a heart attack, and has decided to end its expedition.]]> <![CDATA[īChoose Your Adventureī is a globe-trotting character study with plenty of action]]> Choose Your Adventure, the latest release from Wasatch-based Powderwhore Productions, is a skiing variety show.]]> <![CDATA[Keeping up with the Joneses]]> While less than 1.5 hours from Boulder, the area feels remote, far from the hoards that ply Interstate 70 en route to lift-served skiing and the crowded party ski scene of resorts like Copper Mountain and Vail. But the sense of solitude is deceiving.]]> <![CDATA[Staying active indoors and out on short winter days]]> With winter solstice behind us, it’s true that our daily ration of sunlight has begun to increase. But that’s cold comfort for those of us who begin and end our workdays in the dark. The instinct to wrap up in our snuggies and nest is strong, especially when Boulder experiences a cold snap like the one that recently froze the Front Range.]]> <![CDATA[All-terrain dog boots]]> <![CDATA[Author J. Grigsby Crawford's 'The Gringo' takes a raw look at Peace Corps]]> Only a few weeks into a two-year Peace Corps program, Boulder native J. Grigsby Crawford received a text from his host that read, “Turn off your light and go to sleep. It’s very important that you stay quiet and don’t leave your room.” Outside the house were men in ski masks with guns. They wanted to kidnap Crawford.]]> <![CDATA[Rogerís River Run]]> A post-birthday party invite to Cuba Cuba in Denver was supremely tempting the night before Rogerís River Run in Longmont, which occurred on a hot Saturday morning this month.]]> <![CDATA[Elevated Reflections on the fourmile fire]]> One of the more poignant memoirs I%uFFFDve read concerns a group of French soldiers in World War I. The men lost their way en route to the battlefield and mistakenly ascended a high, steep ridge. From that unintentionally safe vantage point, they witnessed the horrendous slaughter of their comrades in the valley below.]]> <![CDATA[Mixing up martial arts]]> Verno turned around, the spotlights were on him and he was shadowboxing, getting ready to walk out to the ring for his fight, and he looked at me and said, ‘Bro, you all right?’]]> <![CDATA[Portable Power from Brunton]]> <![CDATA[Armstrong faces lifetime ban over doping charges]]> Lance Armstrong has decided not to fight doping charges against him brought by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, which now plans to strip Armstrong of his seven Tour de France championship titles.]]>