<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - In Case You Missed It]]> <![CDATA[In case you missed it | SEASONS GREETINGS TO THOSE WHO CLAIM FRACKING BANS AND MORATORIUMS ARE BAD]]> We now have a study out of the University of Colorado that found that if you live within a half-mile of a production platform your chances of getting cancer increase significantly.]]> <![CDATA[In case you missed it | Pat Roberston sees the light]]> Calm down, calm down. Not that light. For the first time in, well, his life, Pat Robertson spoke with amazing rational clarity when he endorsed the legalization of marijuana earlier this month.]]> <![CDATA[In case you missed it | Hippie haven]]> As you may have heard, some real estate website called Estately recently ranked Boulder fourth on its list of the 17 best cities in the country for hippies. But they didn’t really do their homework.]]> <![CDATA[in case you missed it | Support the homeless! (Just not here)]]> The Boulder Homeless Shelter’s Housing First program taps into federal dollars to provide housing to the chronically homeless. The idea is that by getting transients off the street, you give them the stability they need to drag themselves out of their ruts and better their lives. In theory, it’s an easy idea to support, but one of the problems officials run into is finding landlords who are willing to take tenants with such checkered pasts and unstable futures.]]> <![CDATA[Testing Tom Tancredo]]> <![CDATA[in case you missed it | Denver gets Boulder's goat]]> <![CDATA[In case you missed it]]> If you’re an expert science journo, you just might appear on Fox News’ Fox & Friends to opine about all things futuristic, like Google’s robot cars, gene therapy and how we’ll all be traveling in spaceships one day. Just don’t bring up climate change. That’s what Michael Moyer, an editor for Scientific American, learned last week. Asked what tops his crystal-ball-gazing list beforehand, he told a show producer “climate change.” That’s apparently not a good subject in Foxland.]]> <![CDATA[In case you missed it]]> <![CDATA[In case you missed it | Out of a K-hole, into the pharmacy]]> <![CDATA[in case you missed it | Safety whizzin’]]> For those of you who have recently been exposed to Santa and/or his reindeer delivering a not-so-catchy anti-drunk-driving slogan from a poster plastered above the pisser in your favorite watering hole, there is an explanation for the odd nature of the ramblings.]]> <![CDATA[In case you missed it | Week of March 6]]> In case you were wondering, the reason given for the closure is that it causes serious disruptions to “research, teaching and learning.” That argument was specious enough last year when 4/20 landed on a Saturday. But since even less of that stuff is happening on a Sunday — like, none — it begs the question: CU, are you high?.]]> <![CDATA[Brigham pardoned]]> <![CDATA[in case you missed it | Put GMOs on 2012 ballot]]> <![CDATA[In case you missed it | Black Friday at Walmart]]> In case you’ve already got all your holiday shopping done and you are looking for something to do on Black Friday, Boulder activists have you covered.]]> <![CDATA[In case you missed it]]> Pot made national headlines — again — in the past week. This time it was remarks by Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper that grabbed much of the attention. Ol’ Hick stood up to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Christie’s opinion that our beautiful state’s fledgling marijuana industry isn’t the kind of “quality of life” that he’d wish for in Jersey.]]> <![CDATA[in case you missed it | Some of the less-than famous souls who passed in 2011 without ample fanfare]]> Hazel Jane Dickens (June 1, 1935 – April 22, 2011) was an American bluegrass singer, songwriter, double bassist and guitarist. Her music was characterized not only by her high, lonesome singing style, but also by her provocative pro-union, feminist songs.]]> <![CDATA[In case you missed it | It’s almost show and tell time]]> <![CDATA[In case you missed it | Priorities, people]]> But we’re rather more concerned about the effects of this most recent cold spell on Boulder’s homeless population, which we’re betting that many attending the elk’s candlelight vigil don’t like to think about.]]> <![CDATA[In case you missed it]]> Where’s the outpouring of support for the ’coon? After all, what’s the difference between this and the Mapleton elk? We demand that a statue be erected in honor of this poor oversized rodent, or at least a bench. Complete with candlelight vigils. And why hasn’t someone recorded a song for the Wikimedia Commons.]]> <![CDATA[In case you missed it | New oil and gas regs mean nothing]]> State health officials, with the blessing of Gov. John Hickenlooper and the heads of the state’s three largest oil and gas producers — Noble Energy, Encana and Anadarko — have proposed a new set of rules to govern air pollution caused by the industry.]]>