<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - News]]> <![CDATA[Filling up]]> Five-hundred inmates is roughly critical mass for the jail. Though the maximum capacity is 540 inmates, the jail faces many problems well before hitting that point. The jail strives to separate certain kinds of inmates, like those with known mental health issues and violent, repeat offenders.]]> <![CDATA[Homeless numbers spike]]> An annual survey and count of homeless people in the metro Denver area shows that while the city of Boulder has seen a slight decrease in its homeless numbers, Longmont and Boulder County as a whole have seen a spike.]]> <![CDATA[Peace and justice endures]]> The Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center (RMPJC), the organization birthed out of the protests at Rocky Flats, will mark its 30th anniversary with a couple of special events this fall.]]> <![CDATA[Life under the bridge]]> Someone lives under the Boulder Public Library bridge that spans the creek, and he’s not a troll. He’s a Dwarf.]]> <![CDATA[About 100 acres engulfed by Maxwell Fire ]]> The Maxwell Fire in Lefthand Canyon has been 25 percent contained after high humidity helped hinder the fire’s growth, according to Boulder Office of Emergency Management officials.]]> <![CDATA[info.]]> <![CDATA[Occupy Boulder Week of Action]]> <![CDATA[BROKEN PROMISES]]> More than a million veterans have been diagnosed with at least one mental disorder associated with their service since returning home and nearly a half million of those have two or more mental issues with which to cope. To date, 338,294 men and woman have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).]]> <![CDATA[Outdoor fun for all]]> • Pot holder on lid underside allows one handed carrying Sea to Summit has a whole line of pots, plates, bowls etc. and all make for great gifts..]]> <![CDATA[Bleeding ink]]> The details emerge as part of the latest chapter in a controversy that has devolved into allegations of incompetence and in-fighting, and heated public meetings, discussed in previously undisclosed documents critical of the school's faculty and dean...]]> <![CDATA[Westminster Police: Ketner Lake attempted abductions may be linked to Jessica Ridgeway]]> <![CDATA[The fracking/real estate conundrum]]> New research indicates that many of the 15.3 million Americans living within a mile of a hydraulically fractured well that’s been drilled since 2000 may have lost or be in the process of losing up to 15 percent of their property values because of fracking.]]> <![CDATA[Track the legislature like never before]]> <![CDATA[NEWS BRIEFS]]> <![CDATA[The state of hate and the impotency and consequences of fighting over the Confederate flag]]> On June 27, 30-yearold educator and activist Bree Newsome climbed the three-story-high flagpole in front of the South Carolina statehouse in Columbia and pulled down the Confederate battle flag. Her climb was necessitated by the fact the flag was more or less permanently attached to the poll where it flew 24 hours a day with no way of being lowered or flown at half-mast. Until that moment, a piece of cloth with some symbol of the Confederacy had been flying continuously at the South Carolina capitol since 1961.]]> <![CDATA[Are your gadgets killing you?]]> It's hard to believe that there was a time when anyone doubted the link between lung cancer and smoking. When I first came to work in a newsroom, it was common for nicotine addicts to smoke at their desks. People smoked in airplanes, in restaurants, hotel lobbies.]]> <![CDATA[Lab notes]]> By now you have probably seen the stunning new images of Pluto and its largest moon Charon. What you may not realize is that the New Horizons mission has many connections to Colorado.]]> <![CDATA[The nine lives of Leah Goldstein]]> Whether it’s nature or nurture, Leah, a former world kickboxing champion and professional cyclist, is using her gifts to inspire others. She’ll be riding in the Venus de Miles allwomen’s cycling event in Longmont on Aug. 29, raising money to help lowincome college students through Greenhouse Scholars.]]> <![CDATA[Historic Boulder celebrates 40th birthday]]> In the 1960s, many historic buildings in downtown Boulder — including some dating back to the city’s roots in the last quarter of the 1800s — were demolished in the name of progress, in the name of expansion, in the name of economic development.]]> <![CDATA[Skunky money]]> At least one consultant is introducing a sophisticated computer tracking system that documents medical marijuana from seed to sale. There is also an effort to create a state credit union that caters to the medical marijuana industry.]]>