<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - News]]> <![CDATA[The chair and the camera]]> They call it “the chair.” It’s a restraint seat used by many jails to subdue inmates who pose a threat to themselves or others. It has wrist straps, ankle straps, a lap belt and a harness.]]> <![CDATA[Report: Colorado among top three frack-wracked states in nation]]> <![CDATA[Fracking ban court decision pushes conversation toward constitutional rights]]> The lawsuit to defend Longmont’s voter approved fracking ban is moving on from the district court, where a judge issued a summary judgment against it, but a stay against fracking in Longmont while the case is appealed to a higher court.]]> <![CDATA[Boulder Creek expected to rise this week]]> <![CDATA[Frackwater blues]]> Forecasters are projecting a summer drought that could be the worst Colorado has ever seen. Snowpack is paltry. And yet oil and gas companies are only increasing their drilling and hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” which use hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per application.]]> <![CDATA[Young undocumented immigrants face dead end after high school]]> Monica, who declines to give her real name, dreaded high school graduation, because most colleges don’t accept undocumented immigrants, and employers cannot legally hire someone without a Social Security number. “Graduating from high school, I wasn’t excited at all, because I was going to become a criminal,” Monica told Boulder Weekly.]]> <![CDATA[Group to decide on GMOs this week]]> <![CDATA[Contaminants found at Valmont Butte]]> Arsenic: Skin damage, circulatory system problems, increased cancer risk. Symptoms of poisoning include nausea, anorexia, vomiting, epigastric and abdominal pain, and diarrhea, in addition to dermatitis, muscle cramps, cardiac abnormalities,...]]> <![CDATA[Longmont woman caught between two laws]]> The last time Ashley Weber turned her head to look to the side, it was to watch the drunk driver who had just wrecked the truck she was a passenger in walk away from the car.]]> <![CDATA[Bill would ban edible forms of medical marijuana]]> Concern about patient safety and medical marijuana unintentionally making its way into the hands of minors is what drove State Rep. Cindy Acree, R-Aurora, to introduce House Bill 1250. If passed, the bill would remove ingestible forms of medical marijuana from the list of products that may be legally dispensed in Colorado.]]> <![CDATA[Outcry prompts Longmont school to remove pro-gun link from website]]> After a parent’s protest, a Longmont middle school that had a link on its home page to political websites touting gun rights and Tea Party messages has removed the link and apologized.]]> <![CDATA[news briefs]]> The Lyons Historical Society (LHS) is on a mission to collect flood information from all those impacted by this historic event in whatever form it now exists. According to the Historical Society, their collection “will include: recorded stories, written accounts, emails, texts, photographs, newspapers, videos and artifacts.” In short, if it is about the flood in Lyons, they want to make it a permanent part of their collection.]]> <![CDATA[Sticker shock nixes Republican’s recount effort]]> <![CDATA[What the frack?]]> Boulder County’s northeast shoulder is about to get fracked. Again. Hydraulic fracturing, also called “fracking,” has become nationally known due to environmental concerns about the chemicals that mining companies use when shooting their high-powered liquids deep into the earth to extract oil and gas. The practice has attracted scrutiny because of the possible effects those chemicals can have on groundwater.]]> <![CDATA[Boulder braces for bitter cold]]> Boulder County is bracing for what could be record-breaking lows this week, according to the National Weather Service in Boulder.]]> <![CDATA[Groups: City wants feeding homeless out of sight]]> Groups that feed the homeless in downtown Boulder on Saturdays say the city is trying to run them out of the area in yet another attempt to get rid of those the city considers undesirable. But city officials insist that they support the feeding operations, and that they are just trying to alleviate congestion in the area and reduce criminal activity.]]> <![CDATA[Oil Boom]]> The library and the post office. A dozen schools. Hundreds of homes. Parks. Every brewery (oh god). Ten gas stations. The wastewater treatment facility. It can all go up in flames at any minute — and that’s just in Longmont. All you’ll hear is a whistle and a boom.]]> <![CDATA[Overnight temp doesn’t quite break record]]> Boulder’s -17 F low last night didn’t break any records, but it was close, according to the National Weather Service in Boulder. The previous record was -18 F, says Kyle Frebin, meteorologist with the NWS.]]> <![CDATA[Boulder's municipalization minefield]]> There is no question that city staff and their hired experts did a great deal of quality work to arrive at their conclusions. But even so, their report to council is based on several assumptions that simply are not as black and white as they would have us believe.]]> <![CDATA[Much ado about Melons]]> The little sign on the front door tells me I'm in the right place. It warns me that if I knock, I should be prepared for the fact that the people who live here are naturalists who more often than not go nude inside their home. It's their naturalist lifestyle or more specifically, some people's reaction to it that brings me here.]]>