<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Reel To Reel]]> <![CDATA[Reel to reel | Week of November 14, 2013]]> Blood Brother: Blood Brother is the story of a group of children infected with HIV and Rocky Braat, a disenchanted young American that met them while drifting through India.]]> <![CDATA[reel to reel | Week of Dec. 15, 2011]]> 42nd Street This classic musical, released in 1933, saved Warner Brothers from bankruptcy. At Boedecker Theater. — Boedecker Theater]]> <![CDATA[Planet]]> In 2006 when the International Astronomical Union created an official definition for planet, Pluto came up short. Pluto meets two of three conditions for an object to be considered a planet; First, it is an object in orbit around the Sun. Second, it has enough mass to be a sphere by its own gravitational force.]]> <![CDATA[reel to reel | Week of Oct. 13, 2011]]> Jackie Chan’s 100th movie, 1911 tells the story of the founding of the Republic of China. At Denver FilmCenter/Colfax. — Denver Film Society]]> <![CDATA[Reel to reel | Week of June 7, 2012]]> <![CDATA[Reel to reel | Week of October 10, 2013]]> Wadjda: Wadjda is a 10-year-old girl living in a suburb of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Although she lives in a conservative world, Wadjda is fun-loving, entrepreneurial and always pushing the boundaries of what she can get away with. Rated PG. At Chez Artiste — Landmark Theatres]]> <![CDATA[Reel to reel | Week of December 27, 2012]]> A hit at the Berlin Film Festival, Tales of the Night blends history with fairytale as viewers are whisked off to enchanted lands full of dragons, werewolves, captive princesses, sorcerers and enormous talking bees, all bursting with color and kaleidoscopic backgrounds.]]> <![CDATA[film]]> This is a bittersweet film. Two academics whose love life is about as exciting as their careers, which are about as exciting as paint drying, decide it’s time to relight the fire. They head to Paris where they once honeymooned, in their effort to find what has been lost.]]> <![CDATA[Falling with style]]> At the turn of the 20th century, vast majorities of the planet remained undiscovered for those restless ones who couldn’t possibly imagine a life spent behind a desk or in a factory. If they had the notion, and sufficient funding, there were mountains, deserts, jungles, two Poles and the seas in between calling their name.]]> <![CDATA[[Ir]replaceable you]]> The cinema is unkind to actresses of a certain age, replacing them with younger, newer models, forcing them from the spotlight to make way for tomorrow. That is not something Maria (Juliette Binoche), a renowned actress of the stage and screen, is ready to do.]]> <![CDATA[Look what the cat dragged in]]> All of this sets up what turns out to be one glorious train wreck from start to finish. The acting is terrible, as is the end credits song, but the genuine fear in the actor’s eyes is as real as anything you will ever see.]]> <![CDATA[Talking twinkies]]> The Lego Movie being somehow good ruined our ability to completely dismiss a film’s concept upon first hearing it. Who knows, maybe Minions would be infused with the same cleverness, the same all-ages wonder and fun? In the first 10 minutes, a pillshaped living Twinkie lifts a block of ice over his head, farts and then gets smushed by it. So… nevermind.]]> <![CDATA[Brave the new world]]> The time has come to rewrite Jean-Luc Godard’s aphorism: “All you need for a movie is a gun and a girl.” Writer/director/cinematographer Sean Baker doesn’t even need the gun — just two transgender actresses, three iPhone 5s with fancy lenses and East Hollywood at his disposal.]]> <![CDATA[Now serving number 666]]> Is there a less desirable room to be in than a courtroom? True, courtrooms are the spaces where civility and rhetoric determines the justice of actions, but entering one is like traversing Dante’s Inferno. Justice may be served, you might even come out the victor, but getting there is a laborious and Kafkaesque process.]]> <![CDATA[The sickness unto death]]> What is there left to say about Woody Allen, the 79-year-old writer/ director of 45 feature films, a dozen of them masterpieces? Better yet, what does Woody Allen have left to say? Averaging a little more than a movie a year since his inauspicious debut in 1966 (What’s Up, Tiger Lily),.]]> <![CDATA[A portrait of the writers as young men]]> David Foster Wallace is an ordinary guy. He reads obsessively, eats junk food en masse, is addicted to watching TV, wonders what it is like when Alanis Morissette eats a bologna sandwich and lives his life with a nagging feeling of emptiness.]]> <![CDATA[Imbued with poetry, hindered by commerce]]> Sfar; “On Work,” Joan Gratz; “On Eating & Drinking,” Bill Plympton; “On Love,” Tomm Moore; “On Good & Evil,” Mohammed Saeed Harib; “On Death,” Paul and GaŽtan Brizzi.]]> <![CDATA[They hung him on a cross]]> On Sept. 10, 1991, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” hit the airwaves forever changing pop, punk, rap and rock while the cultural world embraced, assimilated and commoditized “Teen Spirit.” If record sales and critical acclaim have anything to say, then the message was clear: “Teen Spirit” was the revolutionary anthem the world had been waiting for.]]> <![CDATA[Giddy Up]]> Filmmaker and former CU Film Professor, Alex Cox, returns to Boulder with the announcement of his latest film project and Indiegogo campaign, Tombstone Rashomon. This western will explore the character of Wyatt Earp and the gunfight at the O.K. Corral from five radically different perspectives.]]> <![CDATA[Reel to Reel | Week of Oct. 8, 2009]]> Think you know the answer? E-mail your response to officemanager@ boulderweekly.com with %uFFFDMovie Trivia%uFFFD in the subject line. Two winners will be selected, and each will win a pair of tickets to a screening at IFS. You will also be added to our weekly newsletter, where you can access the latest in news and entertainment in Boulder County.]]>