<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Restaurant Review]]> <![CDATA[Louisville's Bob's generous on portions, easy on pocketbook]]> Nowadays, you can stop in at a national sandwich chain and choke down the exact same Italian sub whether you're outside Denver or Duluth. Consistent with this alarming trend, the local sandwich shop in Boulder County is increasingly rare -- especially those that offer something other than higher-end gourmet fare.]]> <![CDATA[A well-designed and hospitable Kasa]]> You’d be hard-pressed to find a restaurant in Boulder with a more conscious design aesthetic than the Japanese eatery known as Kasa Japanese Grill.]]> <![CDATA[An alternative to the Indian buffet]]> Curry N Kebob fills a unique niche among Indian eateries by not featuring the ubiquitous buffet. Most options here cost a buck or two less than typical all-you-can-eat offerings, and service is reasonably fast, permitting those pressed for time to enjoy a subcontinental lunch.]]> <![CDATA[A solid addition in Lafayette]]> Lafayette’s 95a Bistro and Sushi, located on Arapahoe at the former site of the Magnolia Steakhouse is a contemporary and comfortable eatery that features affordable lunches, including $9 burgers with shoestring fries, $12 lamb shank tortellini and a $10 squash agnolotti pasta plate. Dinner choices include some of the light- Susan France er lunch choices as well as an affordable $16 aged ribeye steak and a $15 red snapper garnished with brown butter, caramelized onions and roasted peppers.]]> <![CDATA[Real ramen rocks at Bento Zanmai]]> Rmen gets a bad rap in the United States, especially since most of us are only familiar with the instant dime-a-pack variety, weighted down with a surplus of salt and MSG. This is too bad, as authentic ramen has about as much resemblance to the starving student version as fresh-squeezed orange juice does to Tang.]]> <![CDATA[Mediterranean simplicity]]> Sometimes all you want to eat is something cheap, quick and simple. Boulder’s Mediterranean Market fits this description to a T with the added bonus of dishing out unpretentious ethnic cuisine.]]> <![CDATA[Classic breakfast, without the rush]]> Jeff, an East Coast native, immediately sensed a comforting familiarity about the cafes we stepped inside, noting it possessed the homey ambiance of a Vermont or New Hampshire roadside eatery. Indeed, the sunny yellow walls, farmhouse furniture, and brightly colored original artwork seemed a universe away from his neon-illuminated world of $12.]]> <![CDATA[Getting dizzy on Boulder’s newest donuts]]> I fed Mara donuts until she wept. Well, not really, although we certainly did a fine job of indulging ourselves at Dizzy’s Donuts, Boulder’s newest venue serving fresh takes on old-school baked goods.]]> <![CDATA[Tavern fare with a twist]]> Whenever I visit a place calling itself a tavern, I half expect it to be populated by a clientele consisting of Revolutionary War colonists plotting their next move against the monarchy. More realistically though, I anticipate that a self-proclaimed tavern is an unfussy spot where decent brews flow freely and bar food staples are abundant and reasonably priced.]]> <![CDATA[Café makes Eggcredible pierogi dumplings]]> Nestled inside the Days Hotel (formerly Inn) off South Boulder Road, Boulder’s Eggcredible Café, which serves only breakfast and lunch, features a cozy log cabin interior suggesting wide open Western spaces.]]> <![CDATA[Would you like some wine with that burger?]]> A full bar, inviting deck and unique menu choices, including portobello, chicken and falafel sandwiches, as well as sausage skewers and caprese salads, differentiate this modernist venue from other burger joints. Besides beer and cocktails, espresso drinks and milkshakes are also on tap.]]> <![CDATA[The re-creation of fun]]> The coleslaw was good. No, the coleslaw was great. The cabbage was crispy and fresh, lathered in sweet, creamy dressing that tasted like watermelon. They’d added some juice or vinegar into the coleslaw, and it was refreshing in the unseasonable warmth we’ve been getting.]]> <![CDATA[Pizzeria da Lupo serves up little bites of excellence]]> When Julia Child anoints you as one of her Great Regional Chefs and James Beard names you one of the five best chefs in the Southwest, it’s safe to say you’re nearing the culinary apex.]]> <![CDATA[Savor the Savory]]> During a recent brunch with friends Tertia, Eric and Addie, we were all struck by the diversity of the weekend menu. The most ambitious brunch item is the $15 Southern Gentleman, perhaps more accurately termed the Portly Indulger, consisting of eggs, cheddar grits, ham steak with chicory gravy, greens, scallion biscuit and a whiskey shot.]]> <![CDATA[Over the forest, through the woods]]> Winding up snowy Coal Creek Canyon on the winter solstice, I’m gripping the wheel like my Dad in traffic on Christmas Eve trying to get to my grandparents’ house before he implodes.]]> <![CDATA[How to mingle]]> The reuben was pleasant; nothing overbearing in it, nothing too quiet. The bread was undertoasted and it was short on rye, but it held up remarkably well given a healthy amount of cole slaw (which replaced the traditional sauerkraut) and Thousand Island dressing.]]> <![CDATA[An ambitious take on Mexican at Agave Mexico Bistro]]> Usual suspects such as tacos, enchiladas and tamales are readily available. But there are also more distinctive offerings such as grilled seafood plates and vegetarian dishes featuring breaded cauliflower or chile-simmered cactus.]]> <![CDATA[The secret]]> Not because the food isn’t fantastic, but because while most Boulder restaurants are clustered in one of the city’s two walking neighborhoods, or in major-roadway stripmalls you could easily wander into, Dagabi Cucina is tucked away in the back spot...]]> <![CDATA[Top chefs]]> Blackbelly’s interior is tile, wood and piping, giving the decor a comfortable and solid feel, somewhere between a brightly lit corner shop and a neigh borhood pub. The kitchen is exposed, separated from the dining area only by a counter seating area similar to a diner.]]> <![CDATA[Looking good]]> It was the store that launched a thousand fashion blogs. Seemed that way, at least. Anthropologie. A women’s clothing store that taps into the area between fashion school and art school, selling unique clothing and lifestyle doo-dads.]]>