<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Restaurant Review]]> <![CDATA[Experiencing Boulder Baked]]> Open from four in the afternoon until midnight, Boulder Baked is a no-frills joint, with at-the-counter ordering and a slightly funky feel. It's also centrally located on Broadway in the heart of downtown.]]> <![CDATA[Upstairs and upscale]]> The large bowl of caramelized brussels sprouts from the small plates menu ($7) is another standout dish, taking something decidedly unexciting on the surface and making it sing through thoughtful preparation and seasoning. Take note parents: this is how you make kids not just eat, but demand brussels sprouts.]]> <![CDATA[In need of a warm up]]> However, on that visit, Ella was only marginally less chilly than the great outdoors. Perhaps my dining companion and I were just seated in a drafty corner, or the heat was just down.]]> <![CDATA[The water’s fine]]> One thing every diner needs in their toolkit is good, simple Asian food. Not simple in the sense that it’s of poor quality, but simple in the sense that it isn’t decorated to death, to the point of terminal tackiness. Just something approachably tasteful, and tasty.]]> <![CDATA[Snarf's]]> <![CDATA[The Boulder Cork has aged well]]> Settings into a venerable locale such as the Boulder Cork restaurant, one can’t but help wonder if the dapper sports coat-clad gentleman at the next table might be a regular who’s come here for decades. Perhaps a younger version of him showed up here in the ’70s, decked out in a turtleneck, bell-bottoms and a sweet Mark Spitz-style ’stache. He’s aged reasonably well, but what about his favored restaurant?]]> <![CDATA[Getting into the Gindi]]> Gindi offers up a lunchtime slate of such light meal standbys as soup, salads and sandwiches. Dinner is available from Thursday to Saturday night with a reasonably priced menu in the $9.50-and-up range featuring burgers, stuffed squash and ahi tuna.]]> <![CDATA[Empire's main dishes deliver]]> Over the past few years, downtown Louisville’s dining options have grown impressively, and the Empire Restaurant and Lounge is one of this burg’s top spots for fine dining in a relaxed setting. While this space can accommodate many diners, it feels smaller and more intimate than it is, enhanced by woods and an earthy color scheme.]]> <![CDATA[A kitchen that deserves the hype]]> The clean setting is set off by high ceilings and an airy feel that evokes a sunny European bistro. If you were a location scout picking a Boulder filming venue for a rom-com starring Julia Roberts (as opposed to Seth Rogen), this would be the spot.]]> <![CDATA[Parking your butt]]> The Mexican street corn on the appetizer menu is worth a trip to Verde all by itself.]]> <![CDATA[A diner that Jack Reacher would like]]> If Jack Reacher were to ever return to Colorado and wind up in Boulder, I suspect he’d make a beeline for the Parkway Cafe.]]> <![CDATA[The Peloton%uFFFDs pizzeria]]> high-end residential developers strive to install an onpremises destination restaurant as an inducement for buyers. Case in point is San Francisco%uFFFDs Millennium Tower, a pricey residential highrise that features the RN74 eatery, operated by Michelin-starred Chef Michael Mina.]]> <![CDATA[Aloy succeeds Chy for Thai]]> Arriving at Boulder’s Aloy Thai Cuisine, I wondered if this restaurant is the Ken to its predecessor restaurant, Chy Thai, aka the Mark of this labored analogy. The location is the same, and an exterior banner touts that the food and ownership are the same, although the name has changed. Inside, the most noticeable difference is disappearance of the counter apparatus which gave the former incarnation a down-market, cafeteria vibe.]]> <![CDATA[Bácaro, bikes and bruschetta]]> The most enjoyable meals aren’t just about the food — they’re also about the company, and in some instances, a sense of common purpose. Such is the case with Boulder’s Bácaro Venetian Taverna’s combination Sunday bike ride, lunch and fundraiser. The ride is a monthly event that pulls together an amiable collection of cyclists of differing ages and abilities.]]> <![CDATA[Going samurai at Alfalfa's]]> Consider the traditional Japanese breakfast. Instead of pork products, the protein usually consists of heart-friendly fish like mackerel and salmon. Eggs appear, but in modest quantities. Steamed rice replaces hash browns, and there’s usually a smattering of land or sea vegetables. ]]> <![CDATA[Louisville's Bob's generous on portions, easy on pocketbook]]> Nowadays, you can stop in at a national sandwich chain and choke down the exact same Italian sub whether you're outside Denver or Duluth. Consistent with this alarming trend, the local sandwich shop in Boulder County is increasingly rare -- especially those that offer something other than higher-end gourmet fare.]]> <![CDATA[Classic breakfast, without the rush]]> Jeff, an East Coast native, immediately sensed a comforting familiarity about the cafes we stepped inside, noting it possessed the homey ambiance of a Vermont or New Hampshire roadside eatery. Indeed, the sunny yellow walls, farmhouse furniture, and brightly colored original artwork seemed a universe away from his neon-illuminated world of $12.]]> <![CDATA[A happy taco discovery]]> Ever since the closing of the carniceria on Boulder's Bluff Street, I've been at loose ends trying to find a suitable substitute venue for bargainpriced, traditional Mexican tacos. Word on the street was that Longmont's El Taco Feliz served up what I was seeking.]]> <![CDATA[Two Spoons gelato shop churns out soups, sandwiches in winter]]> Quickly glancing into its window, it’s easy to dismiss Pearl Street’s Two Spoons as a mere gelato shop. But as the temperature drops, this self-proclaimed “smallbatch kitchen” shifts its focus from frozen treats to a more seasonally appropriate menu of warming soups and panini.]]> <![CDATA[Bento heaven on Pearl Street]]> One of the enduring institutions of Japanese working life is the bento. Bento means "meal in a box" and can refer to anything from a homemade aggregation of fish, rice and preserved plum to ekiben, the pre-made meals encountered in train stations. In the U.]]>