<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Screen]]> <![CDATA[Elephant Poaching & Ivory Smashing: A Colorado Cause]]> After banning international ivory trade in 1989, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Repository recently took a stand against the demand for ivory and put six tons of ivory through a rock crusher at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal in Denver late last year.]]> <![CDATA[Looking to illuminate: The DocuWest Film Festival]]> Documentary film festivals can be a hard sell. You don’t get the star power that goes with fictional films, the impossibly dramatic moments, or the singularly well-crafted denouement that wraps the whole thing up into one resonant piece. The documentary is all about stories.]]> <![CDATA[Company bust]]> The actors in this tale of recessionary morals, ethics and consequences are all very good, from Ben Affleck (as Bobby, the central figure, struggling with a grim job market and plummeting self-esteem) to Rosemarie DeWitt (terrific in Rachel Getting Married.]]> <![CDATA[Falling through plot holes]]> The least coherent character in the film is his on-again, off-again girlfriend Lindy, (Abbie Cornish) who dumps Eddie for being a do-nothing slacker then finds him attractive once he starts taking NZT- 48 (the mystery drug), then dumps him when she finds his newfound attitude is drug-based.]]> <![CDATA[Indifference wins the day]]> Set in an American middle class only vaguely like the real one, Larry Crowne co-stars Julia Roberts as a community college instructor of public speaking and English (I think; the script is vague) who rivals the Cameron Diaz layabout in Bad Teacher in aggressive slackerdom. The main star, though, is the co-producer, co-writer and director, Tom Hanks, who has made all sorts of potential dullards on screen worth watching. So why does Larry Crowne go flooey?]]> <![CDATA[Listen to your soothsayer]]> Bad things happened to Julius Caesar on March 15, proof that you should always listen to your soothsayer. But there’s more than one way to kill a politician’s soul, as The Ides of March proves, for a while very entertainingly.]]> <![CDATA[Bleak and white]]> Celebrated narcissist and Freddy Krueger look-a-like Frank Miller gives the women he writes a plethora of career choices. They can be prostitutes, strippers, bondage-wearing murderers or corpses. Some get to be all of those! Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.]]> <![CDATA[Corruption of small-town innocence]]> It's a hardy tradition, though naturally prone to patronizing attitudes about provincials and their simple ways. Maybe I wouldn't notice the condescending part if I'd grown up somewhere other than a medium-size town in Wisconsin. Then again, the protagonist of the new comedy Cedar Rapids.]]> <![CDATA[Death or psychosis]]> The film’s guessing game is simple. Either the tense schoolteacher played by Ricci, who is a victim of a (fatal?) car accident, has expired and is being prepped for the afterlife by Neeson, or she’s alive but about to become this calmly sinister authority figure’s latest prey.]]> <![CDATA[Songs of Solomon]]> For whatever reason, avant-garde art films have never gained the pop-culture cachet achieved by other realms of the art world.]]> <![CDATA[Zac Efron cries a lot]]> Strange things happen there. Charlie thinks he sees Sam behind a gravestone. Then, one day, looking quite hale, Sam shows up with his baseball glove and ball in hand. A bargain is struck: every day at sundown, the brothers will throw the ball around, talk about the things that matter, work on their grounders.]]> <![CDATA[Mastering the mob mentality]]> In 1997 Sicilian-born filmmaker Marco Amenta made an hour-long documentary about Rita Atria, the young woman who risked her life by ratting out various members of the Sicilian mob %uFFFD including members of her own family %uFFFD pulling the strings and the triggers in the village of Partanna.]]> <![CDATA[BIFF 2013: The man behind the Man in Black]]> He found a locker full of Johnny Cash memorabilia — gold records, signed posters, and a treasure trove: 60 hours of reel-to-reel tape, Saul’s audio diaries as well as recorded phone calls with the Man in Black himself. He decided to make a documentary.]]> <![CDATA[Smurfed up]]> The good news about the big-screen 3-D version of The Smurfs is that it’s not the insipid — and some say “socialist” — Smurfs you remember from 1980s TV. Yes, they’re still tiny and blue. They still use “smurf ” as a verb, adverb, swear word, etc.]]> <![CDATA[Watch This]]> The Dairy Center is adding a little extra onto a documentary called Bettie Page Reveals All, Thursday, Jan. 23, Friday, Jan. 24. and Saturday, Jan. 25. In conjunction with the screenings, the Dairy Center is featuring a small exhibition of pinup photography in its galleries.]]> <![CDATA[Where you been, Laden?]]> That members of the U.S. Senate have spent more time discussing the fictional depiction of torture in Zero Dark Thirty than they spent discussing the actual torture the military was performing in the wake of 9/11 is yet more proof that “Congress” is the opposite of “progress.”]]> <![CDATA[The poetry of cinema]]> CU and Naropa faculty are putting on a symposium called "Moving Images," billed as "the first symposium of its kind, bringing scholars, filmmakers and poets together to explore the intersection of film and poetry.]]> <![CDATA[Lucy goosey]]> But here’s the thing: it’s the most awesome drug ever. If you take enough of it, you become God. Or, as the pseudoscience in the movie incorrectly explains, “you use 100 percent of your brain’s cerebral capacity.” For some reason, this allows you to move stuff with your mind and sometimes dissolve into a weird human cloud thing.]]> <![CDATA[Grade A-Holes]]> The proliferation of comic book movies has reached its cultural apex, so thoroughly dominating the box office and public consciousness that a backlash was practically invited. While the public plays Oliver Twist, wallets open and begging for more, those who critically engage cinema have begun the “tsk, tsk”-ing and the “poo-poo”-ing.]]> <![CDATA[Take it back]]> Go down swinging for the fences, punchdrunk and confident you’re making something truly awesome that people will love, even if it winds up a steaming pile of poodoo we mock. I respect the noble fool, the proud creator of disaster who clearly put everything into a creative vision beloved by only himself.]]>