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Thursday, October 22,2009

All eyes are on us

Letters | Week of Oct. 22

Innovative initiatives like Boulder County's 1B and 1C, on the upcoming November elections, are leading the way toward the creation of a sustainable energy future, and in doing so, have piqued a lot of interest worldwide.
Thursday, October 29,2009

Cell phones and sex

I read the snippet on “sex vs. cell phones” and wanted to point out that for many people cell phones are major avenues for foreplay. Having completed my dissertation on electronic intimacy, I can scientifically state that many people, especially those under 30, use their cell phones as the primary approach to connect both sexually and emotionally.
Thursday, October 8,2009

A Fairview science teacher's guide for the anti-creationist

Evolution Revolution

By Arsen Kashkashian
When Fairview High's Paul Strode was a new science teacher in the early 1990s, he wasn't ready for the challenge that a student brought to him when he taught evolution.