Best of Boulder 2013: Bank, Festival and Nonprofit

Photo courtesy of the Humane Society


2960 Diagonal Highway, 303-443-4672
(and numerous other locations around the county)

Second Place: Wells Fargo Bank
Third Place: Chase Bank
Fourth Place: Boulder Valley Credit Union
Fifth Place: First Bank

all about keeping it local in Boulder County, and we’re not just
talking about food. Keeping our money local in a credit union like Elevations Credit Union is
just plain smart. It keeps more green in our own economy, and keeps the
big banks’ paws off. Besides, Elevations is just plain easy to work
with. Our staff has dealt with them for everything from a basic checking
account to car loans to credit cards, and the service has been
impressive. We also like how they were a key provider of loans for the
county’s EnergySmart program for energy efficiency upgrades. It pays to
go with Elevations. You can bank on it. (Insert groan here.)

Festival (Non-Music)

1900 13th St., Boulder, 303-910-2236
9595 Nelson Road, Longmont, 303-910-2236 

Second Place: Boulder Creek Festival
Third Place: Frozen Dead Guy Days
Fourth Place: Colorado Shakespeare Festival
Fifth Place: Boulder International Film Festival

We don’t have to beat the “local” drum on this one, do we? The immense popularity of the Farmers’ Market, this year’s winner yet again for best non-music festival, speaks for itself.

a sure sign that we have — finally — exited Boulder Weather Snow Phase
and entered Boulder Weather Unimaginably Nice Phase: The farmers’ market
claims a city block downtown and takes over the Boulder County
Fairgrounds in Longmont.

reasons that voters love the Farmers’ Market are as varied as the
market’s selection: the friendly, neighborly atmosphere; the, well,
selection we just mentioned, which can span way more options than the
typical vegetables; the abundance of organic products. And yes, there’s
also the fact that shopping at the market means supporting local

Local Celebrity

Pearl Street Mall

Second Place: “Big Head” Todd Park Mohr
Third Place: Hazel Miller
Fourth Place: Brigitte Mars
Fifth Place: Gregory Alan Isakov

Ah, yes, the ZIP Code Man. If
you are a local and you have never seen this guy in action, you should
get your Boulder credentials revoked. And if you are not a local, head
on down to Pearl Street and marvel at this gentleman’s ability to recall
details about where you live, based solely on the ZIP code you provide.
He can even tell you which laundromat you use and which gas station has
the cleanest bathroom. OK, maybe we’re exaggerating a bit, but you get
the idea. A Boulder institution. Check out the other buskers downtown as
well. They each have their own distinctive talent and place in our
hearts. And throw them a buck.

Nonprofit/Charity Organization

2323 55th St., 303-442-4030

Second Place: Eco-Cycle
Third Place: Planned Parenthood
Fourth Place: Community Cycles
Fifth Place: Boulder Valley Women’s Health

have a habit of warming themselves into our lives in ways we could not
have imagined. So considering that more than 9,000 companion animals
go through its doors each year, it’s really no surprise that the Humane Society of Boulder Valley is
Boulder’s favorite nonprofit. Beyond the sheltering services for lost
and surrendered pets, the organization, which is more than a century
old, runs training and behavior courses, a veterinary clinic and two
retail stores that raise money for the animals. Coming in second place
is Eco-Cycle, which Boulderites love for its commitment to keeping the
community ahead of the curve when it comes to recycling.