Best of Boulder 2013: Breakfast and Brunch

Emily Pearson of Snooze, winner of best brunch and best pancake
Photo by Susan France


2124 14th St., 303-442-4743

Second Place: Snooze
Third Place: Walnut Café/Southside Walnut Café/Super Mini Walnut Café
Fourth Place: The Buff
Fifth Place: Tangerine

There aren’t many things that make us wish for morning to come, but just the thought of biscuits and gravy at Lucile’s is
enough to start counting the hours until we can get out of bed. If
flaky, buttery biscuits topped in sausage-laden gravy doesn’t motivate
you to set your alarm a little earlier, consider the Eggs Jennifer, a
tasty take on a benedict that dresses an English muffin, spinach,
tomato, avocado and poached eggs in hollandaise, or the New Orleans
praline waffle, which tops a pecan batter waffle with more pecans, fruit
and whipped cream. Of course, don’t forget to start with an order of
beignets — puffy, hot pastries covered in powdered sugar — and chicory

creole-inspired café is cozily situated in an old house just off Pearl
Street, making it an easy stop-off before a Saturday of shop browsing,
people watching and busker patronizing.


1617 Pearl St., 303-225-7344

Second Place: Walnut Café/ Southside Walnut Café/Super Mini Walnut Café
Third Place: Tangerine
Fourth Place: Brasserie Ten Ten
Fifth Place: Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse

We hardly know where to start with the praise of Snooze, which
is pretty much like the experience of going to Snooze. Fortunately,
they’re accustomed to this kind of menu-induced overload, because
they’ll let you mix and match a few pieces together. Can’t decide how
you want your hollandaise? Get both the Bella! Bella! Benny and the
Loxness Benny. Thinking pancakes? Get a flight to sample from options
that include Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes, Sweet Potato Pancakes, the
“Coffee and Donuts” (buttermilk pancakes glazed with maple icing and
topped with crushed pecans) and the Chestnuts Roastin’ Pancakes, which
are filled with spiced pears and topped with roasted chestnut caramel,
sweet cream and citrus butter.

Their coffee is an exclusive house blend from Guatemala, their
Mmm…Mmm… Mimosa mixes pomegranate liqueur and champagne with orange
juice, and their bloodies are everything a bloody mary should be.

And we know to come prepared to take a cup of coffee outdoors to wait out the line for a table. It’s never a disappointment.


3075 Arapahoe Ave., 303-442-4427
2650 Broadway, 303-444-3252 3267
28th St., 720-406-9000

Second Place: Einstein Bros Bagels
Third Place: Big Daddy Bagels
Fourth Place: Panera Bread
Fifth Place: Mickey C’s Bagels

have sometimes been doomed in Boulder, but their close relative,
bagels — which can be adorned with hummus, sprouts and other
Boulderitefriendly toppings — are a hit. Moe’s Broadway Bagel, this
year’s winner, sells its doughy, fresh-baked bagels in flavors from
jalapeño to granola at three Boulder locations. Moe’s also offers
locally themed sandwiches like the Mount Sanitas, which could power a
bagel-loving local up the steep popular hike. (Though slogans like
“Only the Best Get Baked!” indicate that some bagel buyers may have
another agenda.) They also sell tie-dyed shirts, in case you forgot
yours, and dog treats for your pooch. You can also grab a dozen bagels
for under $10 if you’ve got a big crew with a bagel hankering. At least
they’re nutritionally superior to donuts. And you can always pile on
the superfood toppings.


1617 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-225-7344

Second Place: Walnut Café/Southside Walnut Café/Super Mini Walnut Café
Third Place: The Buff Restaurant
Fourth Place: Dot’s Diner
Fifth Place: The Huckleberry

don’t often get treated to more innovation than Mickey Mouse ears or
the addition of blueberries or chocolate chips and the occasional
attention of one of those people who can flip them straight out of the
pan. They’re a breakfast standard — good just as they are.

But Snooze has
taken it to a new level, and with entries like the “Coffee and Donuts”
pancake, a pancake glazed with maple icing and crushed pecans, served
with espresso cream, it’s not tough to imagine what’s taken them to the
lead in the category for best pancake in town. This decadent maple
number isn’t alone on the menu — it’s accompanied by pancakes served a
la pineapple upside down cake, with carmelized chunks of the tropical
fruit, vanilla crème anglaise and cinnamon butter; sweet potato
buttermilk pancakes; and classic favorites with chocolate chips,
blueberries or chocolate and peanut butter. They even have gluten-free

innovation just keeps coming, and Snooze likes to keep the menu a little
fresh and surprising, so it’s possible that a beloved pancake could
rotate off for a while. But we have faith that they’ll keep plating up
appetizing options for the sweet tooth at the breakfast table.

STAFF PICK: Place to Eat Breakfast in Last Night’s Clothes

1725 28th St., Boulder, 303-442-9150

Judging by the stampede of youngsters frequenting The Buff Restaurant every
weekend, it’s clear there’s only one place in which to recap last
night’s debauchery over a comforting, hangover-assuaging plate of eggs
and bacon. This unassuming restaurant, hidden in a Best Western parking
lot, is just what doctors Pabst and Coors ordered after a long night of
drinking. If the food isn’t greasy enough (and it might not be; the
menu is pretty solid), the $1 bloody marys (with the purchase of an
entree) will provide you both nutritious sustenance and the hair of the
dog. The waitstaff, accustomed to the half-awake, won’t judge your
slurred speech or your puffy red eyes, making The Buff the best place
in Boulder to end your walk of shame.

STAFF PICK: Most Surprising Place to Find Great Huevos Rancheros

7960 Niwot Rd., #B4, Niwot, 303-652-8595

wouldn’t guess it from the outside and, frankly, you wouldn’t guess it
from the inside either. You wouldn’t guess that this Niwot breakfast
and lunch establishment that decks itself out in early granny’s-house
decor and looks about as capable of producing a great plate of Huevos
Rancheros as one of Tiger Woods’ blonde Scandinavian girlfriends, can
and does do exactly that. Go figure. But if you find yourself craving
this classic Mexican dish some morning, head for The Garden Gate Cafe. You’ll be surprised and glad you did.

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