Best of Boulder 2013: Hair Care, Skin Care and Beauty

Cassie Gurrola of Floyds 99 Barbershop
Photo by Susan France

Barber Shop

2790 Pearl St., 303-442-2279

Second Place: Al’s Barber Shop
Third Place: Silver & Gold Barbers and Stylists
Fourth Place: Alpine Barbers
Fifth Place: Northside Barbers

For a good time — call Floyd. At least that was the concept behind the original rock and roll barbershop Floyd’s 99 Barbershop. This
barbershop has old school on the mind with a modern rock twist that
involves its own tailored radio station and poster-plastered walls.
Whether you are looking for a traditional Floyd Cut, a basic,
non-layered cut complete with a neck shave and shoulder massage, or
something more stylized, head to Boulder’s best barbershop for a good
time and a good haircut to boot.

Dental Care

1001 North St., 303-447-1042

Second Place: Boulder Dental Center
Third Place: Boulder Smiles
Fourth Place: Alpine Dentistry
Fifth Place: Comfort Dental

The North Boulder Dental Group strives
to make sure that the routine trip to the dentist is not a physical,
emotional or financial roller coaster for patients. They encourage
patients to ask questions and place education — for both staff and
patients — at the heart of their practice. Just be sure to ask your
questions after you’ve rinsed and spit.

Hair Salon

1831 Pearl St., 303-447-0880

Second Place: Voodoo Hair Lounge
Third Place: The Parlour
Fourth Place: The Sidedoor Salon
Fifth Place: Salon Salon

There’s the shampoo
that smells so much better than whatever you’ve got at home; the lather
that’s really just a soothing scalp massage; your stylist, who is not
only a gracious listener, but can wield a round brush and hair dryer
like nobody’s business. These are all reasons we can’t wait to set a
hair appointment, but as environmentally conscious Boulderites, we’re
naturally worried about all the resources a salon would no doubt
consume. Twig Salon makes the cut as our winner in part because
it not only offers the royal hair treatment, but also finds ways to be
green. With renewable energy credits, recyclable foils and color tubes,
and reusable bottles — to name a few — Twig Salon takes luxury to
responsible new levels.

Nail Salon

2005 Pearl St., 720-565-1020

Second Place: Finishing Touch
Third Place: Nail Studio
Fourth Place: Star Nails
Fifth Place: Iris Nails

It’s no wonder that Boulder has chosen Ten20 as its favorite nail salon this year.

walls adorned with nail polish in every hue, skin care products and
ridiculously comfortable chairs, customers at Ten20 stumble upon cycling
spandex. Yes, it’s true — the funky salon located in downtown Boulder
has its very own women’s cycling team. The Ten20 cycling team is open
to just about anyone — except men. But just because you can’t join the
team doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the salon’s giant flat-screen TV and
huge leather chairs. But you might have to be OK with watching Sex and the City reruns
and the possibility that you’ll leave with toes that are a bit more
sparkly than the ones you walked in with. Only in Boulder can a girl get
a mani, pedi and bike shorts all in one stop.

Skin Care Services

1634 Walnut St. #111, 720-432-1108

Second Place: Six Persimmons
Third Place: Dermatology Specialists of Boulder
Fourth Place: Avanti Advanced Skin Care & Rejuvenation Center
Fifth Place: Sensorielle

is sunny, and Boulderites love their sun. But spending so much time
frolicking about the Front Range can take a toll on one’s skin. Thus,
having an organic skin care company could be just as important as eating
organic food for Boulderites. Throw a little technology into the
organic skin care mix, and you’ve got Boulder’s favorite skin saver: Divine Resonance. The
organic skin care company is a place where East truly meets West. Nora
Keahon, owner of Divine Resonance, pairs Western technology with more
Eastern, holistic approaches to skin care. Customized Ayurvedic skin
treatments, LED light therapy, crystals and microdermabrasion are just a
few of the East-meets-West therapies one can find at this little shop
of skin saviors.

Tanning Salon

1670 30th St., 303-447-8844

Second Place: Tans To Go
Third Place: At the Beach
Fourth Place: Executive Tans
Fifth Place: Polish

in Boulder we like things local. A convenient altitude of 5,430 feet
and something like 300 sunny days each year gives Boulderites a
geographical advantage when it comes to staying naturally tan. As for
the other days of the year? Keep it local. Veranda Sun opened in
1983 at 1670 30th St. and has been there ever since. The salon offers a
variety of services, including multiple levels of tanning beds, mystic
tans, airbrush tanning, teeth whitening and a hydration station. Not
sure what a hydration station is? Think Florida in a box: a tanning bed
combined with a steam room. Veranda Sun has your tanning needs down to a