Best of Boulder East County: Health & Fitness Staff Picks

Photo by Joel Dyer

Reason for a Ban on Fracking

OK, we admit it. This photo of a flooded gas production platform in East Boulder County isn’t necessarily the best reason for having a countywide ban on fracking, it’s just another reason. We could have just as easily used a photo of the new fracking operation going on less than 50 feet from the edge of a lake that was formed from old gravel and sand operations. It’s a place where people like to go and watch bald eagles, sometimes 10 at a time, feed on the little fish. Or we could have taken a photo of any of the production platforms that have sprung up in the front yards of East County residents who mistakenly once thought their two-acre lot was a paradise where they would live forever. Now they’ll have to live there forever because they can’t sell the place. If we stand together we can win. Hang in there, Boulder County.

Place to Pedal Your Own Two Wheels

We’re already pretty impressed with the St. Vrain Greenway, Longmont’s
trail system linking parks, schools, other trails and commercial areas
as it traverses the city. But that trail is part of a proposed regional
system, the Front Range Trail Plan, with designs on one day running the
length of the state, from Wyoming to New Mexico.

St. Vrain Greenway currently runs about eight miles from Golden Ponds
(just west of Hover Street at Third Avenue) to Sandstone Ranch.

Hop on at trailheads at Golden Ponds, Rogers Grove, Boulder County Fairgrounds, Izaak Walton Pond and Sandstone Ranch.