Best of Boulder East County: Staff Picks for Drink


Best Two-Way Drive-Through Coffee Shop
1221 South Main St., Longmont, 303-682-5120

For those of us on the south side of Longmont who looked longingly at the drivethrough coffee shops in other areas of town and around East County, it was a sweet, sweet day when Ziggi’s opened its adorable little two-way drive-through coffee outlet at the corner of Missouri Avenue and Main Street. Seriously, this place is not much bigger than a phone booth, and yet it churns out wicked good mochas and service with a smile. Tasty baked goods, too. Nice to have an alternative to Starbucks in the ’hood.

Bloody Mary
518 Kimbark St., Longmont, %u2028303-774-9814%u2028

There is nothing better than to sleep in on a weekend morning, eventually getting up only to grab The New York Times or Boulder Weekly and a cup of strong coffee. Eventually you climb out of bed and go in search of food, but you don’t want your magic morning to end.

No problem. We suggest you head on over to Lucile’s and
get yourself a plate of hot beignets and the best Bloody Mary in East
County. Lucile’s puts just the right spicy kick into its Bloody Mary and
then rubs its secret Cajun spice on the rim of the glass. It’s the
perfect way to keep that perfect day going every time. Trust us.