Boulderganic Summer issue is here!

Susan France

As residents of the Centennial State, we know Colorado is beautiful — from the farms of its sweeping eastern plains to the rugged, snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains to its semi-arid southwestern chaparral deserts. It’s not hard to understand why Colorado is the fourth fastest growing state in the nation. We’ve really got something for everyone.

But life in the West is as complex as it is beautiful. Colorado’s booming population is putting too high a demand on a limited supply of water. Invasive species are killing many of our favorite trees. And our picturesque state, with its purple mountains majesty, is home to the largest number of waste tires in the entire nation.

In this edition of Boulderganic we explore a number of the environmental issues Boulder County and Colorado are currently facing: whether it’s possible to look to Colorado’s rivers and streams for more hydropower generation without devastating riparian ecosystems; if Boulder County can save its ash trees from the lovely yet deadly emerald ash borer; and how new legislation could not only clean up our state’s waste tire problem, but also create a robust recycling industry.

We’ll show you some of the innovative and fun ways businesses in our community are helping folks get reconnected to the sources of their food, and how two local companies came together to develop what will be Boulder County’s most energy efficient house to date.

And we didn’t forget it’s summer: we know you’ve probably got your dance card filled to capacity with sundrenched hiking, biking, running, kayaking and climbing, and whether you’re a seasoned athlete or an eager novice, injuries happen. Take a look at our health and fitness section to learn more about taking care of sports injuries when they occur. And take a journey with us as we explore the world of sensory deprivation — how it can open your creativity and ease your physical and mental pains.

We hope you’ll enjoy our latest edition.