Falling in love with food

Frank Hodge, owner of Father Earth farm in Lafayette
Photo by Susan France

That time of year has come upon us when the harvest is in and the corn is high and an average squash becomes coveted home decor. The impending holidays turn our attention to food, from bags of candy to pumpkin pies to turkey legs.

But far more ways exist in the world to engage with your food than forks, knives and spoons — and far more forces influence what appears on your menu than what a maître d’ hands over. This fall, in our food-focused Boulderganic, we delve into those different ways to whet your appetite — thinking about where your food comes from, the environmental effects of your dining choices, how what you eat affects your health, and addressing some of the heavier issues ahead, like how our proposed Farm Bill handles food stamps and crop insurance. This issue offers a veritable smorgasbord of options for contemplating what you eat before it makes it all the way to your plate.

And while ultimately, what we eat is our own choice, it’s also influenced by what the government and advertisers have to say. We’ll take a look behind that veil as well.

So whether you’re a green thumb looking for advice on growing your own produce deep into the autumn and even early winter months, an eco-conscious consumer searching for ways to assess the sustainability of the meat we eat or a loyal Boulderite curious to hear how Boulder brands have been singled out for export to other countries, there’s a way to get educated about everything on the menu. Dig in.

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