Ganging up on fitness

Local website designed to find teammates, fellow fitness junkies


In Boulder, people like to move. And, while many studies suggest that group fitness and group sports might be the way to go, finding an outlet for group exercise can sometimes be a challenge — especially in a community as transient and busy as Boulder.

So to solve this problem, a couple of University of Colorado alums developed a website designed to be a one-stop online venue to connect Boulder’s fitness community. provides users with details on activities, like where the next pick-up basketball game is happening as well as fitness-oriented articles. Site visitors can also find information on activities that might appeal to more obscure interests, like water polo and badminton.

“The goal is to connect people,” says Forest Summers, co-founder of Boulder Active. “If someone wants to find a good place to find a sport or a partner or a buddy, they can. The goal is also to empower people to try something new.”

Summers and co-founder Henry Prescott are long-time sports enthusiasts and currently work at the Mapleton YMCA. Both say they were inspired to develop the website by the many people who approached them wanting more information about finding people who enjoy the same sports- and fitness-related activities that they do.

“Sports are only as fun as the people who you play with,” Prescott says. “So we decided it would be a great idea to create a website that has information about all types of sports as well as a community forum that gives people a chance to connect.”

Boulder Active also offers a pass that allows participants to check out a variety of fitness-related activities at locally owned and operated businesses around town.

“The idea of the pass is to help promote local businesses while also giving people a chance to try something new,” Prescott says.

If team sports don’t appeal to your fitness goals, the website also provides information for those more interested in mind/body activities, such as yoga.

“There is so much to do in Boulder that there is no reason why people shouldn’t be enjoying all these activities,” says Summers. “We really hope the website continues to gain popularity and people who have just moved here or college students use it to have fun, reach their fitness goals and connect with like-minded people.”