Growing the green economy

Paul Wright, owner of Juiced Organic
Photo by Susan France

To declare that the way we do business has changed is probably the “Duh!” statement of the decade. Of course it has. Between the amount of business done on email and the fact that we now carry devices capable of sending and receiving those emails whether we’re at our desks or our dinner tables, it’s a new world out there.

But corporate culture has been on the move in the last decade too, identifying and beginning to cater to an increasingly pervasive environmental ethic that extends its fingers into the way we approach our health and healthcare, build our homes and buy our food.

In this edition of Boulderganic, we delve into the ways in which our economy is changing and how an increased intention on greener living has changed our economy.

We’ll learn about the role of green consumers as early adopters and trend-setters, and the resiliency of an eco-friendly economy. We’ll also explore the future drivers of commerce and look at legislation meant to help small business entrepreneurs find a foothold in the market.

And, of course, we’ll give the in-depth insights into the oil and gas industry’s actions in the state we call home, and the ongoing issues raised by the use of GMO crops, particularly on the bees and butterflies with whom we share this planet.

We hope you’ll enjoy our latest edition.