Spring 2013 Boulderganic Introduction

Beth Santistevan of Oxford Gardens in Niwot
Photo by Susan France

For green thumbs everywhere, this may be the most wonderful time of the year.

Spring is a moment of possibility, a time for planting and eagerly anticipating those first green sprouts that pop up in response.

This spring, we’ve chosen to focus Boulderganic magazine on a few of the issues close to heart and on our minds — like how to keep our gardens flourishing despite some expectations of limited water use, or, justly, an increasing attention toward water conservation, no matter what happens with precipitation in the coming weeks and months.

We’re also turning an early-season eye toward energy conservation and what lies ahead for our forests as wildfire season approaches, and talking with local innovators who are building community and bridging gaps among disparate groups in our town.

It’s an action-packed edition for a season already buzzing with activity.

So dig in and get started, get — we hope — a little smarter about your water use and time near creeks, a little more optimistic about our forests and a little fired up to spend some time running in the sun.

Respond: info@boulderganic.com