Summer´s hot issues


Maybe you didn’t think that fracking and GMOs would be the hot-button issues this local election season, but we do. We think that the decisions our local government makes on these two issues are some of the more critical at hand — perhaps even more relevant to our day-to-day lives than bank bailouts and foreign policy.

We’re opening this edition of Boulderganic with articles addressing the latest on those two issues, offering fodder to volley at your next political debates, or simply to consider as the time to visit the ballot box approaches.

Sure, it’s tough to pull ourselves away from the pleasantries of summer to fight the serious fights. And we wouldn’t want to leave you without some ideas for enjoying these sunny months. So we’ve included some fun and some food advice, including making better use of your lawn this summer by tossing those weeds into a salad, getting outdoors to play in an eco-friendly way and nurturing some of our local creative projects.

May you make the most of the longer days, and the days leading up to the November elections.