Kids Camp Guide 2014

none | Boulder Weekly

Kids camps boast a long list of reasons for why they’re a boost to your children. They’re a chance to make new friends and build bonds with their friends without a screen as intermediary. They provide an opportunity to dig deeply into a niche interest, whether it’s chess or archaeology or soccer. They can open your child’s eyes to aspects of the world they might not get to see or experience, like the wonder of zooming in on the tiny lives of insects or the grandeur of exploring forests, rivers and mountains. Overnight camps can be a first step toward the independence your children will need as they become adults. The accomplishments and experiences of camps, whether playing on a team or starring in a play, can increase self esteem and confidence.

Boulder Weekly has once again compiled a list of camps from around Boulder County and across the state that provide your child plentiful options to get out there and explore. It’s tough not to read the list of tantalizing opportunities out there and feel like, hey, I want to be a kid again.

So, what lazy days of summer? Here’s a chance to get out there and explore, to take advantage of educational opportunities and experiences that are sure to brighten the path ahead of your child.