Desperately seeking snowfall

none | Boulder Weekly

There´s a buzz building in the air with each cold nip and chilly breeze. Those long, light blue wispy clouds over the western horizon are surely harbingers of wind, freezing temperatures and snow. After a less than impressive 2011-12 season that left many a Colorado skier sighing over ice and rocks, and stalling on taking “sick” days for “powder days” in hopes of the storms that never came, we’re all ready. We’re stoked to get out there and get the fresh tracks, the powder shots, the zen-like-state of a long cruiser run, the stomach-flipping feeling of a drop — everything we were denied last season.

Let’s face it. We want Mother Nature to be seriously generous this season and show it in 12-inch dumps.

But while we spend the upcoming weeks re-waxing our skis and doing lunges around the living room to prep those quads, there are a few other activities to pass the time. There’s new gear to buy, classes to take and competitions to watch. And, for those interested in maintaining a diverse worldview, there are things like concerts. Because Tchaikovsky provides an excellent distraction from powder hunger.

But really, this year in Winter Scene, just like you, we’re all about skiing. We’re celebrating anniversary years for some of our major skiing institutions, and we want you to be as psyched about it as they are — and as we are.

So let it snow.