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The journey of a banana peel doesn’t end in the compost bin. That’s only the beginning.  Whether it’s in a 65-gallon bin outside a family home or in one of the receptacles camouflaged around Boulder, the peel will eventually get...

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In my last column (Unrepentant Tenant, “Do tenants have a right to a habitable home?”, Sept. 8, 2022), I wrote about the history of the warranty of habitability, which is essentially the right to rent a home that is...

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Elaborately painted sugar skulls rest beside photos, flanked by candles, a cross and flowers — an ofrenda, a memorial to the dead, honoring them with religious sacrament and artifacts representative of their life. The ofrenda is part of Dia de...

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Here’s an itch you probably never thought you’d scratch: a mashup between Gulliver’s Travels and professional basketball. This fall, The Catamounts presents the regional debut of Chicago-based playwright Mickle Maher’s fantastical musical Small Ball. The story follows a basketball player named...

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Still alive

As Pearl Jam’s two-and-a-half-hour, tour-closing show at Ball Arena concluded last night and the Seattle rock group stood on stage thanking fans and crew, notoriously loquacious frontman Eddie Vedder introduced his bandmates one by one. “These are the names of...

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Sushi journey

Sushi was far from hip in the mid-1960s when an 8-year-old named Gil Asakawa arrived in the U.S. from Japan with his family. Actually, few Americans had even heard of it. When they did, the initial reaction to sushi...

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In 2021, cannabis edible company Ripple got curious about the absorption rate of its products, and how that compared to the competition. The folks at Ripple knew their proprietary formula was absorbed into the bloodstream fast, but they wanted to...
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