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The deadline for print submissions is two weeks before the event takes place. We often have to cut events from the calendar for space reasons, and we cannot guarantee that any event will get listed.

Staff Directory:
Stewart Sallo, Publisher –
Joel Dyer, Editor –
Fran Zankowski, Associate Publisher –
Benecia Beyer, Director of Operations/Controller –
Cal Winn, Circulation Manager 720-300-0676 –

Matt Cortina, Managing Editor –
Angela K. Evans, Senior Editor –
Caitlin Rockett, Arts & Culture Editor –
Emma Murray, Special Editions Editor –

Sales & Marketing
Allen Carmichael, Retail Sales Manager –
Kellie Robinson, Market Development Manager –
Julian Bourke, Sales Account Executive –
Matthew Fischer, Sales Account Executive –
Mari Nevar, Mrs. Boulder Weekly –
Jennifer Elkins, Advertising Assistant –
Lara Henry, Marketing Coordinator –

Susan France, Art Director –
Mark Goodman, Senior Graphic Designer –
Daisy Bauer, Graphic Designer –