How To Avoid Wrecking Your Next Ski Trip


Sometimes, the anticipation surrounding a ski trip creates a type of
pressure that detonates the first night of vacation. Here’s what
happens: arrival in a ski town, off the plane and direct to the slope
side hotel. This is immediately followed by an indecent amount of
cocktailing and pizza eating with old pals in effort to blow off steam
accumulated by wrapping up work projects needed to get away. The next
morning – well, ouch. But you drag yourself out of bed, get an extra
shot in your coffee, hit the slopes with half-drunk vigor, and chase it
all with a couple beers. The following morning, with sore muscles,
slight nausea,
and a black diamond headache, you successfully talk yourself out of
skiing – it’s a little cold and icy anyway. Vacation is ruined, you feel
sick the rest of the week.

The good news is this scenario doesn’t have to be reality. Let’s look
at some easy strategies you can implement in order to ensure your next
ski trip is spent actually skiing, and not throwing up and watching TV
in a dark hotel room.

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