Snow on the menu



Counting the days until winter? Well, you’re certainly not alone. Once the first snow falls, wherever you are, the cold-weather fanatics over at want you to be prepared for the best winter yet.

A website where the cold-blooded can read articles about others’ winter adventures or brush up on the latest in necessary gear, Snow Menu’s slogan: “The best online site for winter sports news, ski resorts, travel, accommodation, clothing and equipment for skiers and snowboards,” surely does the site justice.

Snow Menu, which provides information and recommendations for both domestic and international travel, ultimately just wants you to enjoy the fresh powder and cold air surrounding you.

Visitors to the site can browse reviews of the best clothing and gear, locate the nearest ski resort with Snow Menu’s interactive map or plan this season’s getaway.

For the lucky ones who actually will venture off the beaten path this winter, Snow Menu has you covered. Whether you’re booking flights to or from your destination, renting a car or staying at a specific apartment, chalet or hotel for the duration, has something for everyone.

“Here at Snow Menu,” a message on the website states, “we’ve done all the thinking for you! All you have to do is match your ski holiday requirements to the list of reasons for each accommodation type. It’s simple!” Weather reports, travel tips and weekly ski deals are also offered on the site. Visit for more tips on enjoying your next winter vacation. MCT

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