Trailer for ‘Valhalla,’ latest film from Sweetgrass, released

Screenshot from Valhalla

The trailer for the new film from Sweetgrass Productions was
released online today and all we can say is, Wow. And these guys are vicious.

Sweetgrass, creator of the genre-bending ski film Solitaire about skiing South American
volcanoes, has branded itself as a bit of a rogue when it comes to skiing
films. They scrap the strict ski-life boundaries and dig into the soul of the
sport and its athletes in a way that affirms that a vagabond history is every
bit as formative in your skiing as where you took your first turns. The results
in Solitaire were stunning and
poetic, a tribute as much to the mountains as to those who ride them and an
homage to the struggle against and the work of cooperating with the elements.

Valhalla, their
fourth feature film, looks to follow in that vein. Billed as an exploration of
boy becoming man — and the journey back to that wide-eyed wonder and joy of
youth — Valhalla promises to pique
your imagination and hone your appetite for deep powder, big drops and a tribe
with whom to dance around a fire. Or a hall of dead warriors

The vicious part? They’re not releasing the full length Valhalla until fall 2013. That’s a long
wait, but it looks to be worth it.

Take a peek at

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