Dear Pharmacist

Find Out if You Are Deficient in Vitamins & Minerals

Dear Pharmacist, I started taking 5 new supplements but I’ve been noticing occasional butterflies in my chest, hair loss, heartburn and muscle twitching. I think it’s related to my vitamins because when I stop them, the symptoms goes away. Should I stop?  --T.E., ...

Vision-Saving Supplements Cut Down on Glare

Dear Pharmacist,My eyes are so sensitive to light that I have to reach for my sunglasses as soon as I step out the door. Can you offer any help with this problem? --E.R. Silver Springs, Florida Answer: If sunglasses are desired for normal outdoor light, your eyes are...

Calm Down with Lemon Balm

Dear Pharmacist,I often feel worried and anxious, and I don’t sleep well. I know I’m a nervous wreck, but I refuse tranquilizers because they are addictive. I also have a weak stomach. Is there anything natural? --D.E. Idaho Falls, IdahoAnswer: There are lots of ...