City of Longmont Ballot Question 300: Yes to Fracking Ban


City of Longmont Ballot Question 300

Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking)



Yes, we are fully cognizant of the fact
that the City of Longmont will likely get sued by the state (again)
over this puppy if it passes, and the city might well lose that lawsuit.
And even if Longmont wins such a suit, there will likely be mineral
owners who sue the city, claiming that they have been deprived of access
to their rightful property, their oil and gas deposits. And yes, this
might cost the city and taxpayers thousands. Maybe millions.

you know what? This is a line in the sand worth fighting for. It’s
about the health and safety of our residents, especially our children
and the generations that will follow. It’s about the dozens of publicly
elected officials — from county commissioners to city officials across
the state — who have signed on to a letter protesting Gov. John
Hickenlooper’s decision to sue Longmont over its recently approved oil
and gas regulations.

While those regulations and this ballot question should not be confused, we must stand in favor of Question 300 on principle, simply because the
people can only be pushed around by corporate interests for so long
before they rise up for their rights and their well-being.