Lactose intolerant? Try a slice of cheese

Cheese is arguably one of the world’s most prized commodities. Spanning the globe in vast diversity, it has remained a gustatory staple for thousands of years. Yet somewhere along the way, cheese gained a bad reputation and became, for many Americans, nothing but a ...

Barley, hops and gluten

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel recently sent a camera crew out on the streets of LA to ask people who didn’t eat gluten just what it is...

Where are Boulder’s 24-hour eats?

It’s 3 a.m., studying isn’t going well, and your eyes are starting to feel heavy. If you could just find a nearby place to grab a snack, drink some late-night caffeine and focus, all would not be lost. Unfortunately, you live in Boulder and the pickings are ...

Why are meatpacking plant employees in Colorado dying of COVID-19?

Six employees of the JBS meat processing plant in Greeley have died of COVID-19. Around the country, meatpacking and food processing plants...

Tiki comes to Boulder

Consider the piña colada. An iconic tropical treat composed of cream of coconut, rum, pineapple juice and pulverized ice, usually served with...

Open & Shuttered

Dear Future Food History Researcher,  As the year 2020 arrived, we heard that Ralphie’s Bar and Grill, which only...

Will Boulder’s culinary diversity go as strip malls go?

Ras Kassa’s was the coolest culinary anomaly I’d ever encountered in my food writing life. It was an Ethiopian roadhouse set in a Twilight...

Laf’ it up

I live in Lafayette, Boulder County’s hot new food, drink and dining destination. Right. If you are laughing to yourself, don’t feel bad: You have a...

Doughnut enter

Traditionally, after long and successful lives elsewhere in the U.S., doughnut shop chains come to Boulder County to die.

Steak, eggs, astronauts and bodybuilders

Steak and eggs is one of the quintessential American breakfast dishes. It combines the unrivaled satisfaction of eating a juicy steak, a pleasure far...

Goodbye and hello

I am the keeper of Boulder’s eatery history. It’s ended up as my job by default because I’ve written about Boulder food since the late-1970s. I’m...

The butterfly sausage effect

Conventional wisdom says there are two things you never want to watch being made: sausages and laws. If you knew what went...