Drink this: Left Hand Brewing Co.’s Oktoberfest

Left Hand Brewing Co's 2019 Oktoberfest (both in beer and festival form)
Michael J. Casey

It was quiet this past weekend, far quieter than previous years. Especially on Saturday, the opening of Oktoberfest, arguably the most popular beer-drinking holiday on the planet. Millions would have gathered in Munich for three weeks of revelry, roast chicken and beer, and Longmont’s Roosevelt Park should have been home to the same, but in somewhat smaller numbers. This year? Not so much. So ist das leben. At least we still have the beer: Left Hand’s Oktoberfest has a clear honey gold color with a toasty nose. Biscuit and caramel, courtesy Munich and 2-row malt, comes on strong in this traditional märzen lager, neither heavy nor light, with the hops (CTZ and Mt. Hood) beautifully balancing out this fall slugger. You can find Left Hand’s Oktoberfest just about anywhere good beer is sold. As for the fest, that goes until the first Sunday in October: Plenty of time to catch up.

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