Drink this: Liquid Mechanics Brewing Co.’s Hopacity Both Coast IPA

Liquid Mechanics Brewing Co.'s Hopacity Both Coast IPA
Michael J. Casey

Founded in 2011, back when India pale ales fell along rigorous party lines, IPA Day is a celebration of craft beer’s reigning beer style. Nine years later and still celebrated on the first Thursday in August, IPA Day is going strong with more interpretations of the style than ever before. From West Coast (piney, bitter and bright) to New England (juicy, pillowy and hazy), and everything in between. That’s where Lafayette’s Liquid Mechanics Brewing Co.’s Hopacity Both Coast IPA comes in. Melding the best of both worlds, Hopacity pours a hazy tangerine with a loose, rocky head of sticky lacing. The nose is predominantly bright citrus with a touch of stone fruit, while the mouth is creamy and saturated with hops — probably Citra and Centennial. The bitterness is moderate, but present, and keeps the finish just this side of treacle. It’s one to drink in twos and threes; find it on tap at the Lafayette brewery or in cans practically everywhere.

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