Tour de brew: Odd13 Brewing Co.

Lafayette’s hazy shade of ale

Lisa Boldt, event coordinator, Odd 13 Brewing in Lafayette

When Odd13 Brewing opened their doors on August 3, 2013, they were immediately identifiable as the superhero brewery. With colorful graphics and characters to match, Kristin and Ryan Scott’s 10-barrel brewhouse’s distinct and playful theme offered drinkers the forces of good — “The Odd Squad,” who fought blandness with hop characteristics and malt complexity — the bad — “The Legion of Odd,” just as vibrant — and the odd. Many craft breweries have a theme, but Odd13 put that theme to good use.

Then, two years later, Odd13 made a slight course correction when brewer Eric Larking convinced Brandon Boldt, Odd13’s head taproom brewer, and Ryan Scott to try something different: hazy IPAs.

Hazy IPAs, also known as New England IPAs, are building in popularity in the Centennial State, but when Odd13 released their retooled flagship beer, Codename: Superfan (6.5% ABV), haze in a beer was seen as a negative. That’s no longer the case, as anyone who has tried Codename: Superfan knows that the haze is what makes the brew. Tasting like a breakfast grapefruit, with all that juicy flesh tamping down bitter hoppiness, Codename: Superfan is simply outstanding. It’s so outstanding that Odd13 had to acquire a 30-barrel production facility in January 2016 just to keep up with demand.

Thankfully, Odd13’s rapidly growing business hasn’t distracted from the neighborhood taphouse located in Lafayette’s Historic District. There are tables aplenty to sit down and dive into a pint of hazy heaven. Might I suggest skipping the foreplay? Hell, skip the whole damn courtship and kick things off with Eric’s Ex-Wife (7.2%), a stick of Juicy Fruit in a glass. At Odd13, each brew comes with a story and in this case, Eric’s ex left him and took the hops with her. All of them. Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic, Columbus. You name it, they’re in this glass of tangerine haze with just a touch of divorce bitterness.

For those still in the rapturous phase — you lucky dog, you — then give <3 Machine (7%) a quaff. This red sour is brewed with cherries and cacao nibs, giving this tart thirst quencher a little bit of dark chocolate backbone.

The <3 Machine isn’t the only Odd13 brew to sport messaging jargon; n00b — geek speak for someone who isn’t adept with computers or the internet — is an American IPA that holds the distinction of being the first batch brewed at Odd13’s production facility. Weighing in at an even 6%, this ale looks like orange juice frothing against the glass. Like the rest of Odd13’s offerings, n00b is practically perfect in every way.

Anyone who has spent time inside a craft brewery knows that West Coast IPAs are king. But sometimes those crystal clear, face-melting, hop bombs can get a little redundant. For those who want a walk on the wild side, Odd13 has plenty of hazy, juicy ales to discover. They even have a Humulus Kalecumber (5%) on tap. This sour wheat has the juices of cucumber, mint and kale added into the brew — if you’re into that sort of thing.

On tap: Odd13 Brewing Co. 301 East Simpson St., Lafayette, 303-997-4164,

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