Laf’ it up

I live in Lafayette, Boulder County’s hot new food, drink and dining destination. Right. If you are laughing to yourself, don’t feel bad: You have a...

Doughnut enter

Traditionally, after long and successful lives elsewhere in the U.S., doughnut shop chains come to Boulder County to die.

Goodbye and hello

I am the keeper of Boulder’s eatery history. It’s ended up as my job by default because I’ve written about Boulder food since the late-1970s. I’m...

The butterfly sausage effect

Conventional wisdom says there are two things you never want to watch being made: sausages and laws. If you knew what went...

Colorado’s greatest sandwiches

Colorado is famous for a lot of great things. Sandwiches are just not one of them. In fact, our most famous sandwiches are somewhat...

The Old Man and the Pizza

It’s hard to miss Antonio Laudisio at the Boulder County Farmers’ Market where generations of customers have lined up for his smoky pizzas and Polenta...

20 food experiences for 2020

Face it: If you are what you eat (and you cook and you order from Grubhub), then you are a yawn. Your...

Labored days

It had been ages since our water glasses were refilled. No one had taken our drink or appetizer orders yet. We...

Shaking up Salt

When a space has been a restaurant almost continuously for nearly 75 years, it retains echoes of all the people who’ve eaten...

Once upon a Snarf

Snarf’s was a different kind of Boulder sandwich place from the moment it opened in 1995. The odd restaurant shack on quiet...

‘Do you have a reser-vaccination?’

Here’s the thing:  If you want to dine inside most Boulder restaurants this fall and winter, you should get...

Remembrance of fried clams past

No sooner had the crunchy nugget touched my mouth than a chill went up my spine and I stopped — looked at...