Pantry Treasure


Dim sum delight



Traversing Colorado’s fast casual restaurant trail

In search of a document lost in the recesses of the basement, I frittered away an hour looking through my “archival” bins of Colorado...

Batter up: savory pancakes inspire kitchen creativity

I had left Mom and the McGill University cafeteria behind circa 1973, and faced the prospect of feeding myself for the first time. Our...

Will Boulder’s culinary diversity go as strip malls go?

Ras Kassa’s was the coolest culinary anomaly I’d ever encountered in my food writing life. It was an Ethiopian roadhouse set in a Twilight...

File under ‘Mouthwatering’

There are no late fees when you borrow parsley, sage, rosemary or thyme from the Living Seed Library inside the Boulder Public Library. The Living...

A baker’s life

By the dawn’s early light Jennifer Bush has already been at work awhile. Scratch-made muffins, quiche, cupcakes, fruit galettes and seriously caramelized dark chocolate...

Super bowls

The last time the Denver Broncos went to the Super Bowl, I invited folks over for a party. We were all set with a...

Chews wisely

Me and fad diets go way back. Mom told me that when I was a toddler doctors advised her to feed me an egg...

How Boulder became the birthplace of National Pie Day

On Saturday, the people of the United States will enjoy a day devoted to the dessert that defines our country, National Pie Day. Few...

Arugula’s Alec Shuler started with chicken and rice

After earning a biology degree in 1995 from the University of Colorado, Alec Schuler had two urgent goals. “To travel and to ski,” he...

Grocerants and pulses rising

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a food trend nerd and fascinated by the food of the future as depicted in...

From menudo to beet sugar rum

Bone broth was big in 2015 in Boulder — so popular it is even available on tap in multiple flavors. Personally, I’ll take my bone broth — animal bones boiled in water — in the traditional form of Jewish chicken soup, Japanese ramen and Vietnamese pho. Other hot ...

How the sausage was made

The earliest known comment on my future career choices was uttered by Grandma Alice, my dad’s mother, in 1954 a few months after I was born...