Try this week: Crispy chicken potstickers, muffuletta and mroe


Crispy Chicken Potstickers
The Bamboo Skewer food truck, Mobile, Boulder County,

The Bamboo Skewer food truck specializes in “Japanese-inspired grilled skewers,” which sound, objectively, delicious. We, however, overheard about a half-dozen people order the crispy chicken potstickers and couldn’t pass up the opportunity. We’re glad we didn’t. Wonton dumplings are lightly crisped and contain a robust, citrusy, herbaceous medley of flavors inside. Served with a spiced soy sauce, it’s hard not to mow through them. No doubt, they’re worth the hype. $5.

Goin South food truck, Mobile, Boulder County,

If you’re a sandwich buff, you know the muffuletta can be the holy grail. If done well, and the combination of giardiniera, dressing, meat, cheese and bread hits the correct proportion, it’s a sandwich that literally tastes like a trumpet-heavy parade down Bourbon Street. If not, well, good luck muddling through that. The folks at Goin South respect this fine line and deliver on a bold muffuletta. The rounded roll is remarkable — sturdy enough to strong-arm all the components and yet pillow-soft upon biting. The giardineria is olive-heavy (that’s good), and the cheese is piled thick to round out some of the cured meat spiciness. $11.

Slow-Roasted Serrano Pork Taco
McDevitt Taco Supply, 4800 Baseline Road, Boulder,

In its new South Boulder digs, McDevitt Taco Supply is slinging bold taco creations almost as fast as people can order them. Recent specials included the chocopotle beef and slow-roasted serrano pork tacos. We tried both, but found the latter to be the brightest star. Ridiculously tender pork and bright, spicy salsa complement each other naturally, and a simple topping of crema ignites the palate. $4 each.

Pink Cadillac Ice Cream
Glacier Home Made Ice Cream & Gelato, 4760 Baseline Road and 3133 28th St., Boulder,

Glacier serves up soul-pleasing, old-fashioned ice cream, which has a little more structure than other varieties. The rock-solid takes on ice cream staples occasionally open the door for understated innovation, as in the pink cadillac. A strawberry ice cream base is tart, sweet and so faithful to capturing the fruit’s flavor, it almost comes off as sorbet. It’s mixed in with chocolate cookie and cream bits, and the crunch from the cookie, the fat of the cream, the fruit of the ice cream, are all calling summer out of hibernation. $5 pint.

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