Try this week: BOCO Cider, and more

Four courses to try in Boulder County this week


Petrichor Cascade Cider

BOCO Cider, 1501 Lee Hill Drive, Unit 14, Boulder,

The newly opened BOCO Cider in North Boulder is doing some very interesting things with cider. Stop by for a flight and sample ginger apple cider, kombucha-infused cider, Belgian sour cider, peach cider and more. We thought there was something interesting in everything we tried (and we tried almost everything) but the early standout was the Petrichor Cascade. Made from Palisade apples and fermented with Champagne yeast, the cider is given a boost from Boulder-grown Cascade hops. It’s balanced with apple sweetness, lemon bite and hoppy structure, and overall, the flavor lives up to its name: petrichor (the fragrance of fresh rain after a long dry spell). Prices vary.

Pepperoni Pizza

Anthony’s Pizza & Pasta, 2321 Clover Basin Drive, Longmont,

The Longmont outpost of Anthony’s Pizza and Pasta is a good place to get a slice, or a whole pie, a few local beers and watch the game or chat with the family. The pizza — your choice of Neapolitan, white or Sicilian slices/pies with a wide selection of toppings — is straightforward and delicious. We opted for a pizzeria classic: Neapolitan with pepperoni. The crust is thin and crispy, the sauce is flavorful and the cheese is well-apportioned — it’s got the right blend of cheeses and isn’t heaped on. The pepperoni is vibrant and spicy. Altogether, it’s a good pie. $12.50-$16.75.

Kung Pao Chicken Lunch

Hao Way Chinese Cafe, 1678 30th St., Boulder,

Hao Way Chinese Cafe is housed in an unassuming storefront off of 30th street, but that doesn’t mean the classic Chinese dishes it serves are plain. The Kung Pao Chicken is bursting with classic Chinese flavors. The marinade is slightly sweet with a kick from spicy peppers. The succulent and tender white chicken breast is juxtaposed with a crunch from water chestnuts, bamboo shoots and peanuts. Served with a fried egg roll, fried cheese wonton and a choice of white or fried rice as well as wonton, egg drop or hot and sour soup, the lunch variety warms the belly and soul. $6.10.

Cashew Almond Butter Vegan Frozen Yogurt

Twisted Roots Yogurt, 1749 Main St., Longmont, 303-923-5513

What a delightful experience you can have at Twisted Roots Yogurt. About a dozen taps provide the option to self-serve dairy and vegan froyo, and more than 45 toppings await from candy to savory items to cereal and more. We opted for the vegan cashew almond butter froyo, which, even without dairy, was luscious and indulgent. Topped with sliced almonds, chocolate chips and graham crackers (we practiced restraint), the cup made for a delightful summer treat. By the way, Twisted Roots has a full cereal bar, too, if you want to get creative with your morning meal. Priced by weight.

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