Try this week: Brunch at Corrida, breakfast at Alpine Modern


Prosciutto and Egg Tartine
Alpine Modern Café, 904 College Ave., Boulder,

Alpine Modern is, well, modern. Located on the Hill, the coffee shop and café serves up tasty, fresh meals in a sleekly, yet minimally, designed space perfect for a work meeting or a casual meal with friends. The prosciutto and egg tartine comes with triple-cream brie slightly melted on thick toast. Thin slices of prosciutto sit atop the brie, covered in enough fresh arugula to almost make it feel like you’re eating a salad. The six-minute eggs are cooked to perfection, yolks soft but not too runny, sprinkled with salt crystals that really bring out their flavor. Pungent olive oil and a tart balsamic glaze are drizzled over the entire dish, adding to the flavor of each, delicious bite. $10.

Bistec y Huevos
Corrida, 1023 Walnut St., #400, Boulder,

If you haven’t been up to Corrida’s downtown penthouse restaurant for brunch, happy hour or dinner, we suggest you resolve to do so in 2019. It’s classy, yet comfortable, with exciting cocktails and wine, an unbeatable view and a wide-ranging menu of steak and Spanish-inspired plates. On a recent brunch, we opted for the bistec y huevos: a six-ounce flatiron steak, two over-easy eggs, olive-oil-and-cheese smashed potatoes, and sherry and piquillo vinaigrette. Simply put, this is likely the best steak and eggs you’ll ever have. The steak melts in your mouth, the egg is indulgent, the vinaigrette is electric and the potatoes are impossibly rich. Get this, or get anything else, just get to Corrida. $24.

Rare Steak and Brisket Pho
Pho Kitchen Bar and Grill, 2900 Baseline Road, Unit 3, Boulder,

As the newest cuisine addition to the Williams Village Shopping Center, this fast-casual pho restaurant will disappoint neither the hungry post-hiking soul on a date after a cold day outdoors, nor the busy person running errands with a to-do list as long as the first Flatiron. The high tables and high ceilings contribute to a comfortable yet polished atmosphere, and the bowls of steaming hot pho are quick to deliver. The rare steak and brisket pho comes in a rich, flavor-packed broth, decorated with thinly sliced red and green onions, and sprigs of mint, lime wedges, jalapeños and bean sprouts to pile on at will. $10.95 (for a medium bowl).

BBQ Pizza
Pizza Colóre, 1336 Pearl St., Boulder,

Often, simple is better in the culinary world, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to pizza. Pearl Street’s Pizza Colóre makes straight-up, no-frills pizza with a crisp crust, flavorful sauce and fresh toppings. That doesn’t mean, though, that these folks don’t push pizza boundaries, which they do with their BBQ pizza. It’s their signature crust with barbecue sauce, bacon, chicken, onion, jalapeño, and cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. No doubt, it’s a bit of an indulgence, but Colóre finds the right balance of ingredients so each bite feels satisfying. $7.50-$18.75.