Try this week: Lamb and beef meatball sandwich @ Blackbelly Market


A meatball sub is only as good as the meatballs it’s made with. At Blackbelly — butchers and purveyors of artisan meats, among other things — the meatballs are good. Really good. On its sub, available during lunch, there are three succulent meatballs made from ground lamb and beef sourced from Boulder County’s own Buckner Ranch. The unique (for a meatball sub) addition of Swiss cheese is welcome, as it complements the grassy, herbaceous qualities of the pasture-raised meat. The more typical additions of tomato sauce and basil provide a balance of acid and fresh spiciness. It’s all served on a sturdy, thick-crusted baguette, so you won’t make a mess while eating it. 

Blackbelly Market. 1606 Conestoga St., Boulder, 303-247-1000,