Try this week: MotherClucker Sandwich @ The Bumbling Bee Vegan Junk Food Bar


What started out as a family-run food truck in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is now a staple dining location for Boulderites with a bit of a sweet tooth. The Bumbling Bee was designed to satisfy the junk food cravings of those on a vegan diet. Its menu uses plant-based alternatives to create its iconic Maverick and Holy Shiitake burgers, but we tried the MotherClucker “chikun” sandwich on a recent visit. This savory sandwich tossed in a spicy house hot sauce definitely has a kick to it. And on the way out the door, we couldn’t help stopping to check out the pastry counter, where the Vegan Oreo Brownie easily became our current favorite dessert. 

The Bumbling Bee Vegan Junk Food Bar. 1100 28th St., Unit 200, Boulder, 303-353-9199,


Boulder Reservoir beach dining series will benefit local nonprofits

Kinetics races, triathlons and even SPAM cookoffs have taken place over the decades at the Rez, but actual fine dining with silverware and cocktails has never occurred at the Boulder Reservoir unless you brought it in a picnic basket. Driftwind, the restaurant and concession stand inside the Reservoir’s new visitor’s center, will offer a series of beach-side dining events this summer. The four-course meals, from chef Daniel Asher of Boulder’s River & Woods, include paired beverages and entertainment. Upcoming events benefit a range of organizations: Community Foundation of Boulder County (July 9), Chef Ann Foundation (July 17), Emergency Family Assistance Association (July 23), and I Have a Dream Foundation (Aug. 1). Tickets: John Lehndorff

Where are Boulder County’s backroads farm stands?  

Boulder County is blessed with an abundance of small farmers, beekeepers and food producers, but only a handful sell their crops and wares at the weekly farmers markets. If you drive the backroads of Boulder County you’ll see many little roadside stands packed with veggies, eggs, honey and often pickles, kombucha and other treats. Occasionally there is someone sitting with the stand but more often it’s on the honor system. We are assembling a detailed list of these small farm and food stands for an upcoming issue. Send information including offerings and a detailed location to: Nibbles@BoulderWeekly.comJohn Lehndorff