Try this week: Rosario’s papa rellena, and more

Four courses to try in and around Boulder County this week


Papa Rellena
Rosario’s Peruvian Restaurant, 625 Ken Pratt Blvd., Longmont,

They often say that you can deep fry anything and it’ll be good. We’re not so sure about that, but we are sure that Rosario’s papa rellena is great. Deliciously spiced ground beef is stuffed inside a potato with an egg, then the entire thing is deep fried. Served with mayonnaise on top and rice, salsa criolla, (red onions and tomatoes) and a cilantro dipping sauce on the side, it’s hard not to gulp this dish down. But if fried food isn’t your thing (don’t worry, we get it) there’s plenty on Rosario’s menu (ceviche, lomo saltado steak or aji de gallina chicken) that makes a visit worth it. $10.99.

Brut IPA
New Belgium Brewing Company, Available throughout Boulder County,

As quickly as it was dreamt up, the brut IPA style is now gracing tap rooms and liquor store shelves across the state. The idea is to brew extremely dry and very bubbly beer, almost in the style of Champagne. What you’re left with are beers that have bright floral and citrus notes, without stickiness or dankness. The larger craft brewers are proving to be the first to market, but if the proceeding brut IPAs all taste like New Belgium’s take on it, we’ll be happy. It’s crisp, herbaceous and refreshing — everything the style promises to be. Prices vary.

Big Bill Hayward
Bread Bar, 1010 Main St., Silver Plume,

Winter is here and, for a lot of us, the long drives on I-70 that come with it. But if you find yourself wanting a little mid-drive break, pull off in Silver Plume to visit Bread Bar. A quaint old bread factory has been converted into a unique cocktail bar. The atmosphere these folks have created is impeccable, with lavish wall paper, hanging succulents and just the right amount of Colorado mining town charm. The Big Bill Hayward is the perfect drink for a winter day or night. Bourbon, gingersnap liqueur, lemon and cinnamon are mixed with freshly brewed tea. Served almost too hot to drink, in a signature mug, it’s hard not to order two or three. But be careful, Bread Bar doesn’t serve food, and there isn’t much else in Silver Plume so drink responsibly. (Open Friday-Sunday.) $10.

Allegro Coffee Vic’s Blend
Vic’s Espresso, Multiple locations in Boulder County,

The house coffee blend at Vic’s is more than an ordinary cup of joe. It’s a custom blend made by Boulder’s Allegro Coffee, which is dedicated to sourcing high-quality, fair-trade coffee. What makes the Vic’s custom blend so exceptional is its robust nuttiness and earthiness. It’s almost a savory experience to sip the blend, yet it remains well-balanced and smooth. Prices vary.