Try this week: Thai Tempeh Sandwich @ Half Fast Subs


Half Fast Subs boasts having “America’s largest sub sandwich menu,” and though we can’t verify that claim’s accuracy — we took a “half fast” approach to fact-checking that — we can verify the menu is, in fact, very large. And it’s not just large for the sake of being large, the menu is populated with unique sandwich varieties that go beyond your standard deli variations. Take for instance the Thai tempeh sandwich, a hoagie roll loaded with baked tempeh, romaine lettuce, carrots, sprouts, crispy noodles and a homemade spicy peanut sauce. Rarely are plant-based sandwiches as satisfying as this. The tempeh has a pleasant crunch and chew, and it’s rich in smoke and umami. Loosely tossed with a healthy amount of the peanut sauce, the crunchy noodles and carrots give the concoction some structure.  

Thai Tempeh Sandwich, $7.59-$13.39. Half Fast Subs. 1215 13th St., Boulder, 303-449-0404,