Try this week: Chicken biscuit sandwich, pancita burrito, and more

Matt Cortina | Boulder Weekly

Chicken Biscuit Sandwich
The West End Tavern, 926 Pearl St., Boulder,

The West End has elevated bar food to its highest level in a number of dishes, but their take on a chicken biscuit sandwich is sublime. A meaty, juicy chicken breast is brined in sweet tea — yes, sweet tea — then lightly fried, smothered in gravy and placed between two buttery biscuits. The sweet tea brings a little sweetness, sure, but it also provides a depth of flavor that you don’t get out of other pieces of fried chicken. The biscuit itself stands up to the challenge of reigning all that goodness in. Served with sweet potato fries, it’s a dish where comfort food meets just the right amount of refinement. $13.

Pancita Burrito
Tierra Y Fuego Taqueria at The Diaz Farm, 2818 Jay Road, Boulder,

There is so much good happening at The Diaz Farm in North Boulder. What started as a one-acre urban farm has turned into a full-fledged food revelation, with a variety of quality produce, killer homemade breads and pastries, and now the Tierra Y Fuego food truck parked on-site. Open on weekends and Tuesdays, the food truck marries homemade tortillas with vegetables picked steps away. Choose from a selection of tacos, gorditas and burritos and a variety of veggies and meats. We opted for the smoked pork belly pancita burrito, which is moist and umami rich. The burrito is rolled with black beans and fresh greens, which are so flavorful it makes the burrito sing. $5.50.

Trainwreck Pizza
Infinitus Pizza Pie, 145 Nickel St., Broomfield,

The folks at Infinitus Pizza Pie (locations in Broomfield, Wheat Ridge and downtown Denver, plus a food truck) know how to make artisan personal pizzas. Founded by a father-daughter duo who have a love for dough, sauce and cheese combinations, the shop has no shortage of pizza varieties to choose from. We bet on the Trainwreck, a classic combination of pepperoni, fresh sausage, mushroom, red onion and green pepper. The red sauce was rich in herbal flavors but not overdone. The toppings were ample, providing a nice combination of flavors in each bite. It was easy to down the entire pie, leaving us satisfied yet not overly stuffed afterwards. $7.50.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Beer
Spice Trade Brewing, 7803 Ralston Road, Denver,

Yeah, we admit it: We’re on the pumpkin spice/pumpkin beer trend. Deal with it. Spice Trade’s take on the seasonal brew is concocted with real pumpkin, spices, lactose, vanilla and freshly roasted Novo coffee beans. What it creates is a beer with a delightfully creamy mouthfeel, just the right amount of spice and a rich kick from the coffee. The ample pumpkin flavor mellows it all out. Try at the brewery while supplies last or in cans available throughout Boulder County. Prices vary.