Try this week: Barbacoa quesadilla, Palisade peach pizza and more

Angela Evans

Barbacoa Quesadilla
Blackbelly Market, 1606 Conestoga St., Suite 3, Boulder,

Blackbelly Market has a plethora of sandwiches to choose from, each one featuring one (or more) of Blackbelly Butcher’s cured and fresh meats. And while the classics, such as the chicken club and Blackbelly bologna are appealing (and undoubtedly delicious), the barbacoa quesadilla caught our eye one recent lunch, and it did not disappoint. First of all, there was more meat than anything else. The slow-cooked beef pours out of each slice. The asadero cheese adds flavor but is really more of a garnish than the main event. The roasted pepper and onion add just the tiniest bit of crunch. You almost don’t need the salsa picante and sour cream that’s served on the side because the flavor is already so robust. $12

Palisade Peach Pizza
Wheels on Fire food truck, Mobile, Boulder County,

You have to appreciate any food truck that has it’s own brick pizza oven built in. Such is the case with Wheels on Fire, and the oven produces thin-crust, burnt-edged, really great personal pizzas. The Palisade peach variety, available while Palisade peaches last, has only good things on it: fresh Colorado peaches, slices of raw jalapeno, prosciutto, housemade burrata cheese and a balsamic drizzle. That may sound like a lot of competing flavors, and acid, and it certainly is, but it totally works. The burrata, peach and balsamic drizzle add a sweet structure. The jalapenos and light tomato sauce add punch. The prosciutto brings salt and an outsized pigness, which goes a long way. The crust is a solid spine — sturdy, yet crispy, and the bites of char are the best ones. $12

Curry Ramen
My Ramen & Izakaya, 3280 28th St., Boulder,

Ramen done-up (that is, with all the fix-ins as it’s traditionally served and not the sad collegiate version) is officially past trend stage and now just a solid staple. My Ramen & Izakaya is but one of several places to get quality ramen in Boulder County, but their curry ramen is a unique treat. A coconut-milk curry base is sweet, creamy and spicy. It provides a rich foundation for the earthy wood-ear mushrooms, the tangy shredded cabbage and the punchy green onions. Fall-apart pork loin spreads meaty goodness throughout the dish, and chewy, medium-thickness noodles are easy to lap up. A hard-boiled egg, made sweet by the curry base, is the icing on top. $11.50

Lamb on Pretzel Bread
Organic Sandwich Company, 459 McCaslin Blvd., Louisville; 1500 Pearl St., Suite F, Boulder;

The Organic Sandwich Company has enjoyed a ton of success since opening its first location on Pearl Street in Boulder two years ago. Now it’s taking on a strip mall spot on the now-booming McCaslin strip in Louisville that’s chewed up and spit out a few restaurants. Something about the Company’s sandwiches, though, indicates it’s got a good shot to stay. The special this week is a shaved roast lamb sandwich. The lamb is fresh, moist and just a hint grassy. It comes with an herbed chickpea and tzatziki spread, which is salty and loaded with citrus. Fresh arugula gives light crunch and a burst of pepper, and a few slices of red onion dole out necessary bite. The pretzel roll is also perfectly made — crispy on the outside, dense and chewy on the inside. $11.25

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