Savoy’s sold out show rocked, as expected

P.J. Nutting | Boulder Weekly

Savoy’s show on Oct. 24 rocked the Fox Theatre, to the surprise of absolutely no one in attendance. What does one expect from a band that has sold out almost every tour stop since its creation, especially when theyre back in Boulder to bring the noise on their home turf for a highly awaited CD release?

Of course the fans knew what was coming. Those who didnt expect, let alone beg for, this kind of performance would find it easy to put Savoys performance in a box labeled rave: filling the venue were pulsating lights and lasers scanning a smoke-filled room of hip-pounding dancers and authoritative beats that beckoned all hands to raise into the air the kind of atmosphere that gives glow sticks and photons a right-at-home kind of feel. But it surpassed stereotypical dance beats, in spite of the semi-ironic wardrobes of the nights Euro-trash costume contest. Savoy knows what its fans want, and they were anxious to bring relentless grooves for a sold-out dance party.

They werent afraid to invite their friends, either, who assembled a fairly comprehensive look at Boulders electronic music scene. The show was a collection of talent, and the crowd had strict expectations of heavy-hitting bass, from Savoys headliner performance to Dominic Lallis funky solo act, through DJ pair FRESH2DEATHs heavy opener and newcomer Jack Flashs house party warm-up set. Take away the fog machines, expensive light display and monstrous speakers and add some cheap beer and pushed-aside furniture, and it would be easy to imagine it was the most banging house party youd ever been to.

Savoy performed phenomenally; never were there less than twenty hands up in the air at any given time throughout the nearly two-hour set. Even with nationally- and internationally-known acts passing through the Fox, last nights sold-out show was an accomplishment on its own, and a crowd this engaged a complete rarity.

From the opening ride of Dire Straits Money For Nothing, Savoy crafted a well-constructed, absolutely danceable set that only slowed for their token fan remixes Welcome to Jamrock and Get Some Action. However, the decision to pursue the dancier half of their EP did not displease the crowd of what appeared to be 99 percent students, who insatiably gobbled up the grooves nearly as fast as Savoy could provide them. This is the threshold that proved, beyond any doubt, that the house party has moved outside of the house.