The House of Marley’s headphones bring Positive Vibration


With the music industry clamoring to find ways to make
money, the artists themselves are using their names to brand a variety of
products. As of late, headphones have been all the rage. Thanks to Dr. Dre and
his line of Beats by Dre headphones, other artists like 50 Cent, Ludacris and
RZA have all jumped in to cash in on the craze.

Last year, the Marley Family also announced that it would
be jumping into the fray with its own line of Bob Marley-inspired headphones
as well, but the company, known as The House of Marley, would go much further.
Not only would House of Marley offer earbuds and over-the-ear headphones in
three different collections, ranging from $59.99 to $199.99, but also docks especially made for iPhone and iPod Touch, expanding their

We were fortunate enough to try out a pair of Positive
Vibration Headphones, from The House of Marley’s Jammin’ Collection. Priced at
an affordable $59.99, the Positive Vibration Headphones are an over-the-ear
design with House of Marley’s signature colorful fabric, wires and cords that
set it apart from everything else out there. The 52” fabric cord includes
volume control and a gold-plated connector. They even come with a cool carrying
bag embroidered with Rastafarian colors that you fold the headphones into when
they’re not in use.

The headphones have extremely soft and comfortable ear cups
that you can wear for hours. However, they don’t encompass the entire ear like
other high-end headphones. The headphones are advertised as noise-canceling, and they do a decent job of that, but not as well as some of the higher-priced
headphones, like Beats by Dre. There may be some outside sound that creeps in
every now and then if you’re in a noisy, crowded area, as well as sound that
creeps out that may disturb someone sitting next to you on a plane if you have
it really loud. But listening to music from both iPod and computer, the sound is
clear and crisp, with defined bass and treble. It’s perfect for listening on a
hike, in your office or any other daily activity. For the price,
these are high-quality headphones worth every penny. You’re getting a heck of a
deal. Check out

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