Rock & Roll Hall allowing fan voting for 2012-13 inductions

spirit of america /

Along with Rocking the Vote, you can now Vote on Rock, thanks to a new wrinkle in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination process.

The Rock Hall is now allowing fans to vote on nominees. The top five vote-getters will then face another vote by fans, with the winner receiving a “fan’s ballot” vote alongside the usual votes from industry folks.

As usual, the nominees run the gamut. There’s the traditional faces from the history of rock — Rush, Procol Harum, Deep Purple; the emerging rap contingent — N.W.A., Public Enemy; the less-well-known genre artists — The Meters, Chic, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Albert King; and the women who rock or dance — Joan Jett, Heart, Donna Summer.

Unfortunately, there’s no option on the ballot to remove Aerosmith from the Hall.

Vote at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame website.