‘A picture with a smile — and perhaps, a tear’

Like it or not, artists change. Though we wish to preserve them in amber, those we hold near and dear grow into individuals that...

Ghost stories

According to the new documentary, Chasing the Shadows (, one-third of Americans believe in ghosts and more people in the United Kingdom believe in ghosts than believe in God. With many ghost-hunting reality shows, like Ghost Hunters on Syfy, ...

The center will not hold

When Star Wars debuted in 1977, it was an immediate revolution of cinema and culture. Audiences voted with their wallets: This is how we...

Sexy puss

DreamWork´s cunning casting of the silky Spaniard Antonio Banderas as a swashbuckling Puss in Boots pays off, brilliantly, in Puss in Boots, a star vehicle for the nursery rhyme kitty cat from the Shrek movies...

We will not grow old together

It all started so well. There was love, and there was kindness. There was understanding, and there was support. And then one day, there...

The shame of a nation

The year was 1978, and China’s future did not look promising. The country had survived wars, depression and famine, plus a cultural revolution was...

Just Mercy

Monroeville, Alabama, 1987: A man is condemned to death for a crime he did not commit. Do you need to know the color of...

‘Red Cliff’ a rare war movie invested in strategy

Red Cliff is the first Chinese-language film from John Woo in more than a decade, and reportedly the most expensive Chineselanguage movie ever made (though, once you see its Lord of the Rings-like immensity, that “reportedly” becomes “oh, totally”). It is two-and-...

Home viewing: Boulder Environmental / Nature / Outdoor Film Festival

Even though our minds and wallets have been deeply distracted and impacted by the pandemic/economy/political divisiveness, the need for environmental change...

Not a question of where, but why

Watching movies in 2019 is no longer a question of where, but why. It could be everywhere: Multiplexes, art house theater, film societies, living rooms,...

See you at the movies?

It’s Tuesday at 3 p.m. outside the Century Theater in Boulder’s Twenty Ninth Street Mall, and it’s quiet. Too quiet.

When talent and influence aren’t enough

Everyday Sunshine tells the sometimes tragic, often-funny story of Fishbone, a band from Los Angeles that influenced many, yet never found a way to mainstream success...