Bjarki Sigursveinsson via Wikimedia Commons

My heart beats change to a speed I can’t endure.
There is only one cure;
return to a rustic life with nature,
free from this jungle lunacy – 
ceaseless din, troubled streets, bustling and hustling.
Men combats daily,
dashing out of their homes early
before the sky peels off its dark regalia
and return when the kids are already asleep.
Hurrying schedules,
shoving within the transit layout,
in morning and rushing evening,
winding through the throng of commuters
like one chased by demons.
They say it’s greener on the other side,
but these grains are infested
with wild worms and strange reptiles.
Thick dark fumes from exhausts
of rotten cars and buses.
Cacophonies of industrial generators and factories.
Greenhouse gases-chlorofluorocarbons
puncturing the O-zone layers
and causing global warming.
The bushman took a deep breath, eyes gently folded,
his thoughts soar over his childhood
and contemplate to go back to his rural home.
City life holds no joy for him,
only concrete Boredom.

Oluwasalvage Archibon is a Nigerian lawyer and has previously been published in The Palm Magazine and Adelaide Literary Magazine.