No such thing

Franz Marc, 'The Fate of the Animals,' 1913

Fate rides on fiery tracks

as the warmth of the flame

creeps from underneath the door
tell me one thing, darling
is it everything you imagined it to be?

Before all hell breaks loose
let the bride and groom touch lips
and serve the dinner plates
to our esteemed company,
dressed in fine linens
and embroidered hats,
as the pigs are led to slaughter
and the young busser pours water

When all hell breaks loose
I will bite my lips
and clench my fists
but first
bring the devil before me
I’d like to look him
in the eyes
and say,
“No such thing as fate.”

After all’s said and done
trumpets sound in revelry
the dead dance
in their wicked symposium
and victory and defeat
share the same bitter flavor

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